Any Finnish Smokers Out There?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captain_Jack, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Hey all! I'll be moving to Tampere next week, and I just wanted to see if there was anyone on here from or in Finland

    Happy toking!

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  2. Why are you moving to Finland? From where?

    I've never been, though I have met a few Fins in my day. Queer folk, in my experience.
  3. Studying abroad there coming from North Carolina, USA

    Happy toking!

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  4. I'm from Imatra, it's a small city like 10 kilometres away from the russian border. If you are ever traveling to eastern finland, i'd love to hit you up man with some great stuff :D love smoking with foreign people since fins tend to be a little antisocial :/
  5. Im finnishin up a fat bowl, does that count? Lol
  6. I dated a finny fin, she was cool.  Apparently their government pays YOU to go to college there.  The language is really hard to learn.  And there's a lot of drunks there. I've never been, but it'd be cool to visit.
  7. I always Finnish. I Finnish my bowls, Finnish my joints...

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