Any fans of To Catch A Predator here?

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    Easily my favorite reality show. Wish they'd bring it back. Chris Hansen also did To Catch A Con Man which is more serious but still entertaining
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    this one was my favorite lol
    In the chat room he says to the kid "Your are so effin hot bro"lmao
  3. not really funny.
    weird ass cycle of loneliness delusions sadness and pain.
    like this show caught a lot of people...
    it was mad easy back in the day to talk to strangers online with no way of knowing who it was….
    parents are working or somehow the kids are just online unatendended 
  4. I used to deliver pizza to a guy who was on it. Probably delivered 5 or 6 times. Then I saw him on To Catch a Predator. He was saying he wanted to lick her body all over. And he had a loaded gun in his trunk.
  5. Fuck Chris Hansen. Motherfucker shouldn't film that shit. He should shoot them bitches dead and hide the corpse in the septic tank. Only way to reform a CHIMO is to send them over to the other side.
  6. I found that show hilarious, but it got a bit morbid for me. There were a few people on the show I even almost felt bad for, like the handicapped guy. Not that I think they should be pardoned, but it's just like, I'd rather know justice was served, without having to witness the downfall. 
  7. Best game show ever. :smoke:

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