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Any experience with ice hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Buddood, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I would just like to pick at someone's brain about this, anyone with experience or just knows how it SHOULD be done.
  2. threads are all over gc, and the internet has thousands of videos/how-to sites with the info...
  3. I just tried some Ice water hash I think its bubble hash.I ordered almost all forums of hash I could to try it.I just ordered the atmos Jr and another portable waxy/oil vape just for this purpose(they should be at my house in a few days)So my post is based off 2 encounteres of the atmos junior(which I broke) and trying the pax on the lowest setting.
    First I must say it leaves quite a mess(ive very inexperiences so not sure if i did it right)my phone my desk top my carpet all have hash resign on it.
    Effects i noticed-IT is alot more potent then dry herbs.Ive tried about 30+strains on marijuana in the last 2 months and the ice water extract i tried a few weeks ago was probley the most potent marijuana ive ever tried.(I also have a higher tolerence than most people for some reason)The effects I noticed were more calming and made music very enjoyable.Also increased my sex drive for the duration and as a result increased my overall motivation 
    If you plan on using Hash,oils,bubble ect I would suggest you invest in one of the speicality products made just for using like one of the atmos products(make sure you watch alot of youtube videos and read before buying)I broke my first atmost junior on my second time using it cause I was trying to clean it and i pulled the heating coil right out lol
    As I stated before im new to hash oils only used them a few times but im waiting for my all my atmos products to come in the mail as i have the oils and wax with me but no good way of using.(i prefer portable easy methods)
    here is a youtube video i watched before i ordered anything about portable methods

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