Any engineers?

Discussion in 'General' started by crampo1, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. I'm wondering if there are any engineers that get on here? There's not really a spot for engineering, unless you count science, but then you have to sift through all the evolution/jesus talk.

    Anyway, if you're an engineer, introduce yourself, where you went to school, your degree, industry, etc.
  2. i'm still in school. double majoring in chemical/biological and environmental engineering. minors in business, chemistry and maybe math.

    i PLAN on going into petroleum/energies engineering.. but i will honestly take a job wherever i can get it.

    also.. lately i have been giving medical school much thought.. so who knows. maybe medical research :confused_2:
  3. Mann so thats why you aren't on as much. Studyin yo ass off.
  4. seriously dude i'm on spring break and i have to start studying for a thermodynamics test today :mad:

    what the fuck.
  5. Yeah man, electrical and computer engineering student at the University of Colorado at Boulder! hope to go into robotics.

    And damn illadelphin you are crazy man!!
  6. just a different kind of crazy :p

    circuit diagrams scare me
  7. this is true. i can understand electricity and circuits all day, chemistry pisses me off
  8. i really really really liked Physics II (electromagnetism and all that good stuff) it was genuinely fascinating. i just seemed to fuck up on circuits for some reason, that was the only thing i couldn't get fully.. even though they aren't THAT hard.

  9. yeah physics 2 is legit, loved that class.

    thinking about engineering while high is one of my favorite things :D
  10. IT Engineer here :)

    Hello my fellow Engineers.:cool::smoke:
  11. mannnnnn i was on acid at string cheese and all the thoughts flowing through my mind that night were building the 'perfect' Otto engine, building the most sustainable and efficient reactor and how to synthesize a useful energy source efficiently.

    god i'm a nerd.

    and i should have written those ideas down. fuck.

    maybe i should drop some dose and study for my ONLY thermodynamic process analysis midterm :laughing:
  12. So...none of you guys drive trains?? :(
  13. Industrial Engineering; still in school.
  14. decided to change my minors/major again.. and again...

    dropping my Environmental Engineering Minor (may pick it back up.. it's only 7 more credits outside of my plan) and Math Minor (also 7 credits out of my plan.. if i love college enough i will pick that up too [​IMG] )

    and then enrolling in a Biomedical Engineering ISP (interdisciplinary degree program?) and Pre-Med, while keeping chemistry.

    i figured.. if i DO choose to enter the environmental engineering side of chemical engineering i can still pick up a job pretty easily as chemical engineers work in that field very often. butttt if i decide i want to go to med school after suffering through the MCAT, then i will be set to get into some damn good research opportunities AND i'll be a doctor or pharmacist! how sick would that be...

    this will probably keep me in school for another 1-1.5 years, depending on my dedication [​IMG]

    what are all your thoughts on this? i know it might be 'above' you, but do you think that's a solid plan?
  15. Currently , i am doing biomedical engineering . My future plan would be to do master's degree either from yale or harvard . I might get a job with a salary close 70,000 dollars after that .

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