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Any drugs that make you super strong?

Discussion in 'General' started by Idhitthat, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Title seys it all.

    this skinny dude at school was on something and strong as fuck, lol. So yeah. tell me plx.
  2. dxm can make you stronger, pcp can make you like ridiculous strong if you snap out, meth cuz your energized, crack, most uppers
  3. it dosnt really make you stronger its more like taking the governor off an engine
    but its all in the mind
  4. roid rage!!
  5. Coke makes me strong as shit.

    even though im already strong just makes me hella stronger
  6. Meth and really good high purity cocaine.

    It makes you stronger for the time being like someone said it's like taking the restrictor plate off a nascar engine. Allows more fuel/air mixture and gives the engine more power.

    With the drugs it's just pushing your body into overdrive and all yuor psyical and mental abilities are better then a regular sober human. On meth I can do pushups on 1 hand and keep going no problem. Regularly I do nothing like that.

    You also tend to feel no pain on those 2 drugs if you get into a fight or something on them.
  7. Mike Tyson rode the white pony before every fight he had.

    Also AAS. (Anabolic Androgenic Steriods)
  8. The drugs just make you think "fuck it i have endless energy"
  9. Steroids and PCP.
  10. Definitely PCP.
  11. Somebody post the video of the naked black guy punching a whole through the fence hahaahah
  12. Of course you do realize by using those drugs to get "stronger" you are exceeding your body's natural stops. You're gonna start to break bones and rip muscle and the like
  13. I could only do the 15ft arm climb thingy peg wall when i took adderall that day.

  14. As, so that's why boxers always rub their nose hahahaha
  15. dxm..its a dissociative...never done pcp but its a dissociative also..and everybody else says it makes you stronger so yeah pcp makes you "stronger"

    I believe it doesn't make you stronger...like somebody said it just takes the "governer off"
  16. But dude, when you got to save the universe, YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO maaaaaaaaaan. :hello:
  17. Probably pcp, I was over at one of my friends houses one time with a guy that was on pcp. There were a bunch of these dickheads sitting on my friends couch laughing at him because he was tripping. So this guy gets really fucking pissed and flips the couch over and sends people flying, it was funny as shit. One girl broke her wrist, and another guy got a bloody nose. Then right after the guy was like "shit sorry".
  18. the great equalizer was invented for people like you
  19. PCP doesn't make you stronger.
    Nothing can make you stronger except for your mind.
    You think you are stronger, and can't feel the pain of overexeration, so you believe you are stronger.
  20. I can see what you are saying, if that was directed towards me, and also assuming the great equalizer is referring to the atom bomb. But, these people were being giant dick heads, seriously, why would you fuck with a person who was on PCP?

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