Any competitive paintballers here?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by N1ck, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Just seein if there's anyone else here who plays paintball competitively.
    I'm not talking about playing in the woods, with your friends every weekend; By competitively, I mean people who play on organized teams in national tournaments.
  2. Hola. Used to play D2 xball in the CFOA. Quit 2 years ago because it was costing too much money and time

  3. I also quit about 2 years ago, also due to money, not so much time though. I ended up coaching a D4 team, and just recently started playing again.
  4. I used to play competivly back in 2004 but havnt played since

    Won a couple NEPL tournys 3 and 5 man
  5. I also played CFOA but most of the events I played were 5-man, good times. The league and the sport in general really has really gone downhill, I remember when there would easily be 80-100 teams at every event running 4 fields Saturday and Sunday. Now there is MAYBE 15 and they only run one or two fields and finish the event in one day.
  6. Whoa really?

    Man the CFOA used to be the premier league out here. I played in a few 5 mans that had close to 200 teams (08 DSO and 08 QCM)

    . I know most of the good players in my area quit after HS. Seems like after that group quit PB in general went downhill. A lot of talent left the sport in 2008

    the sport is just too expensive. Impossible to keep going especially when its all pretty much recreation. Not a sport that you can stick with over the years.

    They need to lower the cost of good paintballs. Thats why we quit playing. Dropping $400 on paint for every xball tourney and $60 a day of practice isnt realistic. That was cheap for us too %50 off.

  7. The competitive scene pretty much went downhill, it'll be back at full speed in a year or two though, once everyone has money again.
  8. Nah, I just play rec. I've only played one tournament at a pump event that was not really competitive at all. One dollar to enter, random draw teams, round robin format. It was pretty fun though. Winners split the cash.

    My favorite times playing paintball are just relaxed recreation, small, short games. I like the smaller fields that are clear. Airball, hyperball sometimes and those open woods fields.
  9. True that, CFOA used to be the biggest 5 man league in the world. Like you said around 2008 ALOT of talent left the sport. I know the entire southern paintball scene took a huge hit when the Gridlock program died and Trauma quit.
  10. I use to play. Some of the funnest times ever.
  11. we should get a grasscity team together and ressurect the stoned assasins, lol:smoke:

  12. lol yep. I played every weekend w/ gridlock/trauma. The gridlock "tryouts" was one of the better events you could attend. Learned the most from going to those

    It wasnt the loss of those teams as much though. It was the fact that the best players graduated from HS in 08/09 and stopped playing locally when they moved to college. I know Paintball Central Charlotte took a huge hit in 08/09 because of that.
  13. I play. Right now playing with infectious. Pump team but its chill. Next season hoping to play D2 again
  14. do it... :yay:
  15. We definitely should it could be like a nation wide thing too kinda like hk haha

  16. Pump ftw. My home field is home to Total Greif, a pretty big and long running pump team. Great group of guys.

  17. I dont want to be related to HK. What a bunch of gheys.
  18. HK is by no means gay.
    They travel the country, living life, playing paintball and having fun.
    There's nothing wrong with that, and definitely no reason to hate.
    [ame=""]YouTube - NPPL Las Vegas 2010[/ame]
  19. We had a good practice today. Missing the semi play though. Was supposed to play Vegas with Tsunami d3 but messed myhand up at work. they ended up taking 4th
  20. [ame=]YouTube - Tyler Humphrey Contract Killers Aloha[/ame]

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