Any comments welcome, Northern Ireland

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  2. i live in the USA in the great state of Texas and have smoked for nearly 30 yrs, we can talk cannabis anytime,one of my favorite subjects. How is the smoke in Ireland?
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  4. wow, no irish accent- how weird:wave:
  5. well the fact is this....,we border Mexico,the problem is that the crap (pardon my french), that comes from Mexico is that it's dank ass/shwag shit dirtweed (and the civil unrest,druglords etc..,.) i am a grower and 1 day the Great state of Tx will legalize this wonderful plant. Our lawdogs will throw your ass in jail here, so behind the times. The laws where you live are more forgiving,am I correct, do you grow...,love talking about cannabis
  6. almost 4got, i like hash,except when it has that what i call the "grunge" taste. I like mixing it with grass, but if truth be known, i like hash all by itself.
  7. and another thang (texas word), the humidity here is BIG with 94 degree temps so another reason 2 grow indoors,live ina condo, dayum (dam in Texas talk)
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  10. i have also lived in Colorado for 10 years as well. The law there is very lax regarding mj and the population, more or less, accepts mj with no major problems. Here in Texas,it's alot different, they are 20 years behind the rest of the U S regarding mj. People here still have old school thoughts and the laws in Tx are severe but drunk driving is killing thousands, amazing. The new turn-key hydro systems start out at about $600 for a top notch system,but it yields about a quarter pound for 2 short plants. The strains I like are White Widow,Big Bud XXL,mazar,etc..,high thc levels around 23%,one hitter quitter. Are the laws in the UK,or the people, becoming more accepting of mj? With the exception of Tx,the USA is legalizing pot for medical situations in most of the country,cannabis stores are becoming popular.
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    Hypeople like it and others dont.
  12. i used to think the same about the hydro systems. Im a man and don't want to committ alot of effort or mechanical engineering to anything. When you get a chance,go to and look at the PC (personal computer) turn key system that is small and looks just like a PC, hence the name. I don't work for them and am not trying to promote these guys,but they are 420 friendly and you just plant a seed and it pretty much does the rest. It only hold 2 plants but will yield about a quarter lb of rippin bud in about 65 days. I only grow for me so it works well and its very discreet,just a suggestion.
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    Hey from another person from the north not sure where abouts in the north you are but here in derry for the last couple of months people have been getting some amazing strains from the dam alot of my mates and mates of other people I smoke with have been bringing loads back and if its not from the dam its from england because alot of my friends went to Uni in mainland UK we have been getting it sent in the post from boys over there haven't seen any shite floating about here in a while some grasses tended to sparkle in bongs or the bag had seeds in it so stopped buying it for a bit and now things have never been better up here. Its all about the people you know I suppose because alot of other people I know are phoning me to get them it cause they have been having trouble. Currently at the minute I've been getting hash wise 00, afgan black, amnesia skuff, amenesia haze and waterworks and I will say the waterworks and amensia skuff is killers

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