Any Cleaning Ideas For My Bong?

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    Alright guys, so this is my bong and some weed just for showing off purposes (although i'm sure a lot of you are doing way better than me). But here's the deal, in the middle of the bong, that blue thing you see in that circular part is a skull and also a percolator, there's a small tube that runs up through the skull and smoke comes out through little holes around the neck of the skull. My problem is, that tube keeps getting clogged, the things i've tried have been running 93% alcohol through it, soaking it in hot water, shaking it a bit, they work but it keeps getting clogged up again and, i'm looking for a way to completely unclog it and keep it from getting clogged, is this possible or is the bong just poorly designed? thanks smokers.


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  2. Instead of hot water and isopropyl alcohol, try isopropyl alcohol with rock salt. Give it a good but careful shake, getting all the residue out. Pour it out, then give it a last quick swish with hot water.
  3. Get a plug for the downstem then fill the whole thing up with Simple Green Concentrate. Let it soak a few hours then drain the Simple Green into a container since it is reuseable. Then just rinse really well and BAM sparkly brand new piece ^_^
  4. My bong was covered in residue and I was an idiot. I never cleaned it, and I wouldn't be surprised if mold/bacteria was growing in it.

    So I realized I'm an idiot and I need to take care of my baby, so before I left for my weekend trip to the beach with my girlfriend, I filled the whole thing with 91% isopropyl alcohol and let it sit.

    I came back that Sunday and swished it around in there for a minute, added some dish soap, then washed it out with hot water.

    Bam! Clean as a whistle! 

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