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Any cigarette smokers her

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. I was jus wondering who here smokes cigarettes, or smoke after they smoke up. i know people that'll only smoke after they toke, and even a few says it betters their high. I smoke all the time, even before and after I toke and after I toke, im high as hell and i like smoking then and i feel that im already high as hell
  2. cant stand cigarettes
  3. EVIL CANCER STICKS! cigs, but I smoke cigars, not cheap ass 7-11 swisher sweets or phillys...I mean real cigars, Onyx650 is the best cigar on the planet, but the fucking company is discontinuing that series to start a new and "better" one...ahhh fuck them
  4. I can't stand cigs when i dont have a buzz. But when i do there great! Kinda like frosted flakes! I don't know what it is about them well high, i even bitch at my parents for smoking!
  5. I barely smoke cigs but only if I'm already fuct up. I can't stand them any other time.
  6. i smoke them EXCEPT when im high..i find that they make me feel tired and "wasted"...i dunno..........say no to aluminum!!!
  7. I smoke my cigs anytime any place any where. Give it tomeand i'll smoke it. I'm going for one now thankyou for giving me the urge.
  8. i hate cigarettes but i must admit i am hooked on em. but i do have to saty, , i do love a squally after a session with "amber" (my lovely 24" bong)


  9. Preach on ... preach on.

    I'll give you an amen.

    I must cure my nic fit ... must have nicotine! Heh. :D

  10. I started smoking those little Indian hand rolled bidis to break my habit of chewing copenhagen. Then I started smoking clove cigs to break me away from Bidis. I have no idea what I'll pick-up next to make me leave the cloves. But I can tell you one thing about cloves: They sure do mask the tell-tell signs of a reefer.
  11. I don't smoke commercial cigs,,to much krap in them,,,I choose to smoke imported tobacco..,and roll my own.. Usually it would be Sampson,or Jester.

    I do find it odd that so many Cannabis users,that understand the fact that it is a persons choice to use cannabis,and the descrimination involved in it's use is wrong against a persons human rights,,yet bite on the exact same 'propoganda burger,,when it comes to tobacco......seems a bit hypocritical ,,does it not?

  12. I just got back in from a cig break. I smoke them constantly. I find that menthols are especially good after toking. I donno something about them really amplifies my high and keeps it going longer.
  13. <tangent>

    i love cigs after i toke. Or before. Hehe, im gonna quit this summer though, its just not worth it for a long term habit. Hmmm....BPP, you made me wanna smoke some cloves! Cloves are sooo good after you toke, the flavor is magnificiant. I used to smoke the D'jiarm Black's all the time. They tasted really good and they were all black, so they look badass. Plus they crackle when you take a drag which is REALLY cool when you're stoned. Mmm, maybe the honey ones? We shall see...

  14. Plain old Djarums for me. And I love that crackling too. Winder what that is that makes 'em sparkle like that.
  15. i usually smoke marlboro lights in a is good for butting roaches/blunt roaches, shake, etc in..but i would agree a menthol is always good after a killa that case, malrboro lights a box :D
  16. I don't smoke anything 'light,' tastes like paper and air. My favorite cigs for taste, smoothness, etc... are Camel Filters. Camel Turkish Jades are my favorite menthol, they have no fiberglass in them like most menthols, just mint leaves. Turkish Golds are good if you want a smooth cigarette. I got a pack of Vanilla Bidis yesterday. They're alright, but dont have much tobacco or taste, kinda like smoking an incent. BTW: Copenhagen's awesome.

  17. Thats just an urban legend, no tobacco products have fiber glass in them, neither do clove cigarettes or chewing tobacco...just thought Id mention that

  18. I heard that most don't but I'm almost certain that Newports actually do have fiberglass. The reason I think so is because everyone I have talked to who smokes Newports regularly always ends up coughing up blood after a month or so.

    As for cig boxes being good for roaches and shake, they also make a good hiding place for joints. You can stand em up right in the back row behind all your cigs.
  19. that reminds me...i swear to everyone here that Kools are just fricking dirt rolled up in paper..they are the shit of all cigs....bleh...just to sum up my opinion on them..i would smoke aluminum before i smoked a kool
  20. Marlboro Menthols and Newports do, I'm for sure. Some diip also has tobacco in it, to make the nicotine get in your blood easier. A few friends of mine who've smoked 'Ports or Menthols have coughed up blood. Camels are one of the few with mint leaves blended with the tobacco, that's why they taste different than other menthols. I like Camel Unfilters sometimes, they taste good along with an ass-kicking buzz. Heh...

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