Any Champloo or Bebop fans?

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  1. Samurai Champloo is probably my favorite anime show series.

    Anyone else dig either of the shows?

    If Champloo: who is your favorite character and which fight scene is your favorite?

    [ame=]YouTube - samurai champloo fight scene[/ame]
  2. [ame=]YouTube - Samurai Champloo AMV: Gang Starr - Battle[/ame]
  3. cowboy bebop mang:D

    i want a couple vials of "tomato juice":cool:
  4. i just got into cowboy bebop, i love the music.
  5. Bebop i just love this anime series and i enjoy this show very much...
  6. I don't watch much anime, but these are actually two I really liked. I completely forgot about samurai champloo for some reason... really a kickass show.
  7. Bebop was fantastic. Everything about it. Definitely a modern classic. Samurai Champloo isn't too far behind, but it doesn't rank as high for me.
  8. Spike just might be one of my all time favorite characters

    Cowboy bebop is a masterpiece. There, I finally said it :devious:

    Samurai Champloo is not far behind.
  9. Both! Spike & Mugen are some badass characters. Cowboy Bebop's world is just so fun to watch.
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    Both are fucking awesome. Cowboy Bebop was the First Anime I ever saw watching late night Adult Swim shit was too sick. I found out Bebop's style of fighting is Jeet Kun Do which is Bruce Lee's invented Martial Art. Ever wondered why when you saw Bebop fight it was "Fluid like Water"? :cool:

    Champloo I got into recently and damn its tight, Samurai's and Hip-Hop go hand in hand. Plus Nujabes is on the Production, so FUCK YEAH!!!
  11. Another cool fact about both the series (which can only be coincidence) the Music Director and Sound Production director from Bebop were the Music and Executive producers in Champloo.

    Hence why the sound and music selection was so awesome.

    Futuristic space traveling mixed with classic era jazz? They are totally contrasting each other big time.
    Samurai Era with modern hip hop? Again, totally clashing time periods and genres.

    It was genius.
  12. Bebop is the shit. I never really watched Champloo but i hear it was good
  13. I'm currently watching Bebop & Champloo. I love them both!
  14. I've never watched Samurai Champloo....but Cowboy Bebop is a classic series.
  15. yea i usually think anime is gay.. but champloo is the shit.
  16. Both are fucking awesome series in my opinion. Although they pretty much consist of the same characters ha. 
    Also, when it comes to anime, it is such a rare thing to recommend that they watch a certain show with the english dubs, but thanks to steve blum the english version of both champloo & bebop is amazing.

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