Any Breeding suggestions?

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  1. Okay guys, so I`ve been growing for almost 5 years now, i have a large collection of strains, including, blue cheese, black domina, white widow, great white shark, hindu kush, og kush # 18, skunk #1, sensi star, nebula, strawberry cough etc.... anything from seed to live clone of both male and female, i have successfully created white kush, by crossing hindu kush with white widow, and then back crossing the best fastest growing highest yeilding phenotype with hindu kush and white widow once more and then finally growing the inital finished babies, the plants turned out great and i still have five viable seeds left aswell as 1 male and female clone, i was just wondering witch strains i should cross next and what name i should give it? Thanks!:D
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    Great white cheese :)
    Or like nebula og :O
  3. Sounds DELICIOUS! I will try this!
  4. Strawberry Cheese would go great with wine :)
  5. Sweet man if it all works out you should send me some seeds ahahah
  6. Just about everything has been done already but you could do black widow too. Catchy name.
  7. I was thinking, of a great idea, not sure how it would turn out though, I will take my most potent strains, mix them all togethe, then cross the babies, and call it Brain Fuck? LMFAO! I was also thinking of Star nebula (sensi X nebula). The black widow sounds pretty catchy too black domina, whit white widow, and maybe throw in a strawberry cough or skunk#1 for good measure.
  8. If i can get an adress i`d be happy to send some, i`ll keep you in mind, and if i end up doing it and get it stable, i might PM for info on where to send em`. Always good to have someone critique your creations!
  9. If you can, cross blue dream and G13, name it.... Blue13.

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