Any Blues Fans?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cowboysaxman, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. From Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughn, love em' all

    got any favorites?:smoke:
  2. BB King.

    The thrill is gone.
  3. howlin' wolf and freddie king are pretty sweet
  4. just saw bb king in concert, amazing
  5. lived in Louisiana 10yrs, got to see alot of the greats, B.B.king and Buddy Guy together. An old guy in my band there had played with both.:D
  6. Albert King tops my list. BB, Muddy Waters, and T-Bone Walker are also high on my list.
  7. im partial to the paul butterfield blues band
  8. muddy is the best old school
  9. gonna go see Albert king real soon, can't wait!:cool:
  10. Skip James or even Howlin' Wolf are more my cup a tea... I like blues with so much soul you can hardly move.
  11. our Band just opened for another band at an all original blues gig......We stole the show!! was sooo cool to have our originals go over so well:D:smoke:
  12. BB FTW! I saw him last year, it was an amazing show.

  13. Wait, did I miss something? Albert King is dead...
  14. Shit was just about to start a thread about stevie ray vaughan. Listenin to his version of little wing currently, which isn't blues but is unbelievably incredible. SRV was born to play guitar, he was stll getting better :(.
  15. love blues, Robert Johnson is by far my favorite
  16. I saw buddy guy live last summer. Went into the show not expecting much, but got blown away. Not only is he a great musician, but an amazing showman. The guy plays voodoo child....with his teeth.
    He draws a chill crowd too.
  17. Muddy waters is it

  18. Have to agree, every time I've saw him he puts on a hellva' show!:smoke::cool:

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