any blades here into donating?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. it don't have to be like a bunch of money. just simple stuff like i have been donating to the st. jude's hospital fund at CVS Pharmacy and Domino's.

    dollar or two here and there, just ask them and they will add it on to your purchase.

    don't have to be too much, it's the thought that counts i think

    always puts a smile on my face
  2. I donate blood.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty broke, but I still donate a couple bucks to things like salvation army,st judes, ect.

    I know there are people worse off then my so I try to donate what little I can because I know that little bit will help someone. I usually buy toys for toy drives at christmas time too. That puts a smile on my face knowing some kid is going to open that gift and be happy.

    ^ I can't donate blood, I used to be on medicine that kept me from doing it but now I'm not..but I'm terrified of blood and needles I faint getting blood drawn even if its like one vial..I'm dizzy from typing this. My dad is O negative so he donates always. If I find out I'm Onegative too I would find a way to donate.
  4. good positive and christmas vibes already :)
  5. salvation army, and march for dimes, did a march when i was younger, only did half though, my legs were killing me
  6. Nah I don't. I usually don't have much money, so that's why mostly. Even if I did though, I probably wouldn't unless I was rich as fuck haha. I'm down to donate time and effort if it's a decent cause though. Or donate blood or plasma and shit like that. I'd also be down to donate stuff like clothes, food, toys, or whatever else.. Just not money. Something about it just seems lame haha

    I don't know how they'll spend that money. I could think the way they manage it is bullshit. I'd much rather give the money to the needy myself rather than some group
  7. I donate my unused cpu cycles to Stanford University for cancer research.
  8. i've donated blood, but havent in about 2 years.

    i dont actively seek them out, they were just around when i was in highschool and i havent seen one in college yet.

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