any bay area smokers out there??

Discussion in 'General' started by treebro, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. just seeing if there is
  2. Plenty of us in here :bongin:
    I'm just north of Santa Rosa, an hour north of SF
  3. Hey mattc707 you live pretty close to me I live in napa.
  4. haha fesho im in livermore
    some ok trees i got
  5. Damn my dealer is out of town hes at the airport his bud is so good I dont mind waiting till he gets back to get another sack.
  6. Yeah thats not too far at all, I'm right outside of Healdsburg.
  7. dang that sucks but i really jus buy from a couple friends at the moment i need
    to find a good dealer to joog my stuff
  8. Yeah my boy will sometimes get me eighths that are one bud and he will put it in a bag with some hash crushed up real fine and he will shake the bag and still sell it to me for the reg. price. He gets a lot of hash for free.
  9. oh i never smoked hash yet lol, but dang i know my one friend always ripps me off
    dang once i get some more ill show u
  10. Stockton Here, Headband, Green Crack, and Rhino Wrek.And you know I'm High
  11. South City here
  12. I'm at the Concord/P Hill/Walnut Creek area.
  13. SF right here
  14. Haha awesome to see another trivalley nukka on here. i go friday night bowling sometimes at granada but dublin bowl is legit. O yea and Donut Wheel is fuckin legit for the late night munchies!
  15. south bay
  16. 925 here, but grew up in the 650. You can find me all across the Bay, though. ;-)

    I'm a medical marijuana patient, so I can just hit up any club I want to get the best stuff. Going to 2 clubs in Oakland (PHPC and Blue Sky) today actually because I'm about to run out of my meds.
  17. I go from Stockton to Brentwood and south to the Modesto/Turlock area.
  18. south san francisco
  19. hahha eyyy fesho yamp i usaully go to jack in the box dem bro u know where i can some bomb ass trees?

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