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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jada, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. Sometimes when i have a party, my weed always gets snaked. I'm not sure how, but even when i hide it in a locked room in a drawer or whatever, i'll go to get it in the morning and its gone. But the wierd thing is the door is still locked when i go to get it in the morning. I don't smoke many other people's weed beacuse i've had to many mishaps with that. I'm thinking I might have just smoked it all and forgot...but any good places to hide away my stash? i'm having a party tonight, and I need some help!
  2. hey welcome to grasscity fellow cali'ian :)
    i know this is late
    but in your pocket man! that way you know where it is at all times and you don't have to worry about leaving it unattended. if you are worried it'll get smooshed in your pocket then put it in a lil bag around your neck, if you have just a small amount, or put it in a small bag and carry it around or something.

    or if you can't do that and have a larger stash, or are not a girl and don't want to carry a cute lil bag around all nite.. get a safe man, with a combo lock. and if your safe gets stolen, or the stash gets stolen off your BODY then, well, man I'd say find some new friends because that's just WRONG !! :)

    hope you didn't get your stash taken this time!
  3. I bought a large book at the thrift store. And cut out the center of the majority of the center pages (leaving the first few from the beginning and end) And then added some wood wood liner, some hot glue. And oila the perfect stash/pipes/etc. holder. Mine will prob hole a couple of ounces and a few pipes. =)

  4. Thanks for the advice. i didn't get it before the party, but i kept in my bra-just in case you really cared. i really likes the book idea. it might take a bit of work, but thats qutie alright; its really isnt that much work when you consider the payoff. and keep the ideas coming. I'm always anxious for more.
  5. Now I'm gong to know where to get it at! lol

    What kind of mishaps have you had smoking other people's dope?

    Never had a problem with it myself. (Of course, I reciprocate)

    (in more ways than one) :D
  6. Well is knowing where to find it a good thing? :) In responce, unfortunately i have had a few mishaps. On New year's eve I had a huge party. It was fun, we were smoking, everything was cool. This really nice guy was smoking everyone out, come to find out later the guy laced it with heroin. Since then I only smoke the stuff I buy. Its just safer that way. And reciprocate huh? Do tell.

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