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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nick3090, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I have just started my first grow. i have just germinated 6 seeds in rock wool and have them in some red party cups with foxfarm organic soil. they are currently under 4 100 watt soft white and 1 120 watt daylight (the kind that shines yellow right?) they are all inside a mylar covered mini refridgerator with exauhst and intake fans.

    i was wondering if i can get any advise on how i can make my grow set up better.

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. check your temperature and make sure your ok in that department. sounds like your doing good and pics would be cool.
  3. Are those actual or equivelant watts?
  4. i don't have a thermometer right now but i do regularly check the temp. and seems like its at a decent level.

    and no the wattage i listed above is not in true watts.

    i'll be working on some pics.
  5. well all six of my seedlings died im thinking from heat. so now i have 1 24 watt soft white cfl and 4 16 watt cfl's and i have also set up my exhaust and intake fans better. so i will germinate 6 more seeds under this set up.

    Then after about 2 weeks of growth i will place 4 24 watt soft white cfls' 1 24 watt sunlight cfl for the rest of veging.

    Then for flowering im planning on installing about a 2 foot T5 floro tube with reflector hood vertically on the door of the grow box facing the plants as well as having the previous 4 soft whites and 1 sunlight from above.

    does this sound like a pretty solid plan?

  6. I'm growing 6 seedlings under one daylight 42 watt CFL, it's more than enough for the moment... in the very near future I'll need more... but check it out... my grow

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