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  1. Can anyone tell me if they are ok any advice and is it possible to have them flowered by end of August? IMG_20170620_182649.jpg IMG_20170620_182719.jpg IMG_20170620_182710.jpg
  2. You could flower them right now if you wanted to, it literally depends on how big you want them. They look nice and healthy, though. How old are they?
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  3. I think they are 6 weeks old I just fimmed them I don't mind how big they get I just love to get some sort of smoke off it
  4. You can flower them at any point. Plants get 2/3x bigger in flower so you have to judge on how much space you have.

    Overall they look good
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  5. Good luck OP :wave:
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  6. At this point it's just a matter of how much taller/ wider you want them

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  7. If you want them done by the end of august, you've just got enough time. Whether you need to start now or in a couple of weeks depends on if you want it cut and dried and gone, or just cut.

    Although 8 weeks is commonly quoted as the flowering time, practically speaking you should allow yourself 10 weeks from when you flip, unless you have grown the plant before and know how it finishes. Some can take more than 10, but in my experience that's been enough.

    So if it's really time critical, get yourself sorted by the end of the week in my opinion. If you've got a little flexibility another week of veg would be good.
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  8. Are they even big enough to get any budz on it I just think they look small but it's my first grow
  9. If I were you, I'd bend over the top to get some light on those lower nodes. Wait a week or two. And then flip. If you want big plants with big buds you can veg longer, but you will need a lot of light to produce big buds on lots of plants
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  10. Do you have any pictures or diagram of how to do it I don't wont to do it wrong and bend too much
  11. If your stem isn't too thick or "woody" haha you can bend without breaking or damaging. Check out Low Stress Training (LST) Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy That's where I got these pics.

    And here's my first plant before I switched to flower. I'm almost done with her and although she's not big, I'm happy with the way she turned out.

    Before 12/12: as you can see, she's pretty small. I fim'ed and did lst to get an even canopy and keep the height down to fit in my space

    This is her now, middle of week 7 of flower. She didn't stretch too much as you can see but there will definately be plenty to smoke when it's all said and done
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  12. So basically I can just tie the fan leaves out of the way
  13. I only bend and tie my stuff and aside from the bottom few growth nodes I don't really trim any fan leaves personally. Everyone has preference but the leaves are the solar panels for the plant, so they do need them.
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