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  1. So, i have a dilemma, i won't go into detail because i really don't feel like typing a lot so i'll summarize it. I lived with my mom 1 year ago and she made my life hell when she found out i smoked, so i moved in with my dad because she wouldn't listen to me, thought i was constantly high and that i was a drug addict. Now my dad lets me smoke but he only lets me smoke on weekends and i have to tell him when im gonna smoke, show him my weed and i can only smoke in the house. Now i still smoke weed during the week but i hide it and i want to tell him respectfully that i'm regardlessly gonna smoke during the week, but he's pretty irrational and claims all of my evidence that weed isn't bad i pull out of my ass. I just feel guilty hiding it.

  2. Dont do it, you will regret it I promise.
    Tell him when your on your own.
  3. Don't fuck with a good thing. Just be really careful to make sure you don't get caught on weekdays.
  4. Smoke if you must but I've got to say no matter how careful you are there is always that one element outside your control to pull the cornerstone from your plan.  When i was a senior i lived in my moms basement, they were cool with me smoking once a week, it was a dont ask dont tell kind of thing, but to summarize i was smoking in the basement with a doob tube after everyone went to bed, something i did every so often, when what should happen, our new dog gets loose and runs straight through to the basement.  I try to push him out and shut the door but mom comes down and smells something funny and she gets all panicy.  She is an ER nurse so has seen a lot of very fucked up things so (this is going to sound funny) but she takes my pulse and of course its racing because i think im fucked which feeds her paranoia.  I was is a fair amount of shit for a month after that.  Gist of it is, unless your wicked careful, something always pulls the pin on the shitstorm.  If you have things sour with your mom i would personally be careful at your dads.  Good luck man.
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  5. If it keeps on raining, Levee's going to break.
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