Any 1 familiar with 315 watt multispec light from SH.

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  1. Just wondering how close to the plants i should put it. It's at about 3 and a half inches. i can keep my hand under there with out hesitation. Would like to get more info from any one that knows about cfl and or the multi spectrum lights. i got the deluxe package. For the ultimate setup possible. Includes a total of five 105 watt light bulbs; two 30K Spirals, two 65K Spirals, and one 50K Tube style bulb. Can be set up to be used for both the pure vegetative and the pure flowering configurations.
    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Multi Spectrum 315 Watt CFL Light Bank

    And they post 3 different times a different amount of lumens. first 15k than i read 17k and then 20k, so i called SH and they told me 20,000 is the minimum. So i believe 10,000 lumens per square foot
    LET ME KNOW :hello:
  2. Wow, thats a lot of money to spend on 3 light bulbs and a hood. Not to be rude, but what made u decide on this setup rather than a 400 watt HPS? From my reading on here, CFLS are best around 2-6 inches from plants, as long as the plant isn't overheating, they can be as close as possible. As long as they aren't seedlings, CFLs are hard to make too close.
  3. Yea i actually got 5 light bulbs tho, i guess it was pretty expensive, but i had no way to cool a mh/hps sytem..believe me that's what i was all gung ho about...but i'm in a closet with 1 door and no windows. 1 air purifier cirlcling around the plants (not driectly on them) and 1 full size fan on low faced right at the door, and i still have a hard time controlling it when i have to leave for work or whatever and keep the foor fully closed. but the past 4 or 5 days it hasn't gone below 79. and not over 86. with RH between 50-60%. and also what would count as a seedling. because my girls still have they're seed leaves but also have the first pair. and are just starting to grow the true 2nd pair. also is it normal for some deterioration on the cotlydons? the other leaves look great..startin to fan out.

  4. Duuuuude just buy a CPU fan???? I have 2 200mm fans angled at my hps, my hand can stick on that bulb forever and still b the same temp as when the system is off..
  5. What size bulb?
  6. I have 2 lights, both 400w (2 mh, 2 hps bulbs). I have one for my hydro and one for my soil. ;) I prefer hps bulbs over mh, mh gets a little hotter
  7. I will be buying an 8 foot wide grow tent...planning to purchase two lights with cool tubes and digital ballasts.. maybe a veg stage on the left. and flower on the right...but for right now. i'm pretty sure this light will work for one full size plant and my 2 autos...i just wanted to grow something simple my first time..figured since i was already starting to grow hydroponically for my first time indoors, where i plan to actually move plants into flowering..i had enough on my hands.. =p
  8. My new bc northern lights set should be coming tomorrow, so stoked :d

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