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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hdth, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. iv only smoked weed 2 times now and the first time was fun but the 2nd, i worried for 4 hours and had anxiety attacks. anyone know how to bipass this.
  2. Once you smoke more, you will learn how to better control your highs. This also happened to me when I started smoking, I got really scared sumtimes when i was coming down. Just chill and realize that it's just a comedown. :hello:
  3. The second time I ever smoked I smoked way to much and was spinning out and sweaty and felt really sick. You'll get used to it real fast and if it keeps giving you anxiety maybe it's not for you?
  4. You are probobly going to experience greatly different effects for the first few times you try it. There are different highs. Remember a high is nothing more than an enchancment of your current mindstate. For example the first few times i was in a social setting and had a great time. The 3rd time i was alone indoors and had no outside stimulation. THis lead me into an extreme introspective state which i never experienced before. Freaked me out for sure. Almost felt like i hopped out of my body and my head was detached but my body was like a robot. And then there was all the crazy thoughts, well not crazy but ya get freaked out when you live your life in a box and then that box falls apart and you start seeing holy shit there is more to reality than i never knew existed! I say keep going because you are the driver and the weed only paves the roads.
  5. Smoke naked with a lava lamp.
  6. You'll get used to it. Happens to everyone the first few times.
  7. Ive have struggled with anxiety depression and add which made this problem worse for me at first. Back in the day i passed out once after just smoking a blunt. And im no light weight either, i can smoke with the best of them. But having panic attacks while i was high actually helped me deal with anxiety in when i wasnt high. You just have to learn how to control your mind/high. and if you start feeling anxiety coming on after you smoke just use it as practice to get over it.
    But if you dont feel like doing that you can always pop some benzos or put down some brews before.
  8. What worked for me in the beginning is knowing how safe cannabis really is. Just remind yourself that you cannot overdose (to the point of respiratory depression and death at least which is what I always worried I going to fall asleep and stop breathing?)

    Just remind yourself that you are high and what you feel is simply the effect of the cannabis and that you are perfectly fine. Then sit back and enjoy the sensations and revel in the wonderful new way your mind is working.
  9. Respect your tolerance, smoke less.
  10. I have an anxiety disorder. normally grass helps me with it, but if I am really anxious about something I can't smoke because weed amplifies the problem to an extreme and I spend several hours absolutely miserable.
  11. I take pills for that. Too many pills. Speaking of which I only have 2 left and no refills. :(
  12. this happened when i smoked too much too fast one time lol...2 grams in like 15 mins killed me..grand daddy purp lol..nowadays i can destory it and control it and be hella lifted to
  13. I hear that.
  14. just smoke in safe places. If youre out in public dont ever carry shit on you. you do get used to it though. after enough times of not getting caught you realize its pretty safe to smoke. I guess that kind of be a bad thing though, when i first started i was always safe about everything(eyedrops, cologne, air freshener) then i got lazy about which it makes it easier to get caught
  15. Smoke much less of an amount but more often.

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