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Stress Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Doob13, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Hi names agro just bought some charlettes web cbd seeds has anyone tried this for anxiety as this is what i wont it for looking for rhe best way to cosume this product i enjoy smoking flower is this strain good for smoking ive tried charlettes angle and seems to work but gives me a headache any help regarding the web strain would be good and also would i test positive if i smoked the flower Regards Agro

  2. Charlotte's Web Strain Information — Leafly

    Check that site dude it has reviews for the strain
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  3. My daughter uses it for anxiety and enjoys it. Harlequin, AC/DC, and pennywise are also good cbd strains to look out for.

  4. Thanks for the new strains to try out appreciate it very much
  5. Thanks for the link look good i think i red the wrong information regarding this strain as there are lots of rouge seed suppliers out there im in Australia land od ilegal weed grrrrrrr
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  6. I went from Charlottes web to harlequin due to availability. Then graduated to Durban poison when I got tired of paying for high cbd strains.
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  7. Oh ok i dont wont the high done that for years just finished my outdoor snowwhite tried it once and never again lol its all about medical now anxiety and ain after 2 surgerys in 12 months
  8. There’s medical value in thc as well. Try searching for strains that promote relaxation and focus stay under 15%thc you’ll see a difference in anxiety.
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  9. Thanks will check them out any good strin u recomend ?
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  10. White widow, blueberry, GDP, Permafrost, cinex, Durban poison, and sour diesel are a few strains I currently use for anxiety, depression, stress, and pain.
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  11. I have durbn poison but fr to strong for me lol nd super lemon haze not cbd strains looking at acdc and harliquine
  12. C
    Currently growing monster profit nd pulled up strawberry bannana grape wht a prick of strin hte growing indica
  13. Yes , it's nice usage for relaxation and I enjoy it
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  14. The most important fact of using cannabis for anxiety is not the strain, is the DOSE, you need microdose, this will be anxiolytic. If you use more will produce an anxiogenic effect. Good luck!
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  15. I only smoke the flower in small doses the strain charlettes angle i found was not to be a stable as i was getting stoned from it m8 got it from a unkown breeder my cw are weeks away but have been told it hs been tested and clones are from the Stanley brothers as i cant get a report for it i have to take there word for it

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