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Anxiety While Stoned : It's All In Your Head ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KenSPT, May 27, 2010.

  1. Okay, I normally don't start a boatload of threads on this forum, but this is a topic I desperately wanted to broach.

    I've seen a ton of posts over the last few days with people posting about how they hate the anxiety/neurosis/paranoia that goes along with being stoned. I've read posts from people who say that it makes them not want to get high, and that it's the reason they don't smoke weed. Alot of people have agreed with those sentiments, and alot of people disagreed with those sentiments, but nobody has said the obvious; IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD !!!

    Your mind is a powerful, powerful tool. Your mind can make you feel sick, your mind can make you feel relaxed, heck, your mind can even make you feel like you have a hard time breathing if you think about it alot.

    Seriously, it can. If you sit back and think about having a hard time breathing, I guarantee you'll start noticing your breaths even more.

    Try it. It's the best example I can give of the power of the mind.

    Anyways, on that same wavelength, if you're consistently thinking about being anxious or nervous while stoned, you're inevitably going to be anxious or nervous while stoned.

    Thus the title of this thread; it's all in your head.

    Listen, we all have neurotic highs on occasion. I smoke 3-4 times a week, and mormally weed mellows me out. 9 times out of 10 when I smoke I'm mellow and chill. I'll pack my bong, light that bad boy up, and just kick back on the couch or my bed, watching some TV or a movie, and just enjoying the night; but even I've had nights where I get neurotic about the most random things. Sometimes it's work, sometimes it's money, once I got so freaked out that I swore I was gonna' have a panic attack; in all those occasions it was because that's where I let my mind go, and when I realized that it was all in my head I quickly went back to the norm.

    Call this advice, or wisdom, or whatever you want; all I'm trying to say is this ... if you ever get stoned and start feeling paranoid, if you ever get stoned and start feeling nervous, if you ever get stoned and feel as if your heart is going to beat out of your chest, or your breaths become shorter, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and realize that it's all in your head.

    You're the one making yourself feel that way. You're the one making yourself nervous. You're the one making yourself tense.

    Trust me, if you can control your emotions, you'll love weed so much more, because you'll find it brings out the very best life has to offer ... :D

    Blaze on!!!
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  2. good post man, here is something else i want to add:

    -If you think your going to get in trouble, you probably are. For example, if you come home blazed with your parents around, and you are acting all sketchy, they are going to know something is up. Just relax and remember they don't think your blazed, so don't give them suspicion.

  3. Exactly, even a further example of it all being in your head.

    Trust me, if you think you're acting stoned, you're probably acting stoned. Just act normal, and go about life as you would, you'll be fine. I've had 15 minute convos with cops while blazed out of my mind, all because I relaxed about it ...
  4. I was always like this when I smoked outdoors, or was high in public when I was a new smoker. After a while I realized that most people really don't notice you being high, unless you reek of mary jane. Most people really don't care either.

    Just watch out for cops and family members. The occasional passer-by isn't gonna do shit if he sees you hitting a blunt. seriously. if he even bothers to calls the cops, you will be out of there so fast it won't matter.
  5. -ve gotten "anxiety" while smoking about 3 separate times. Each time the episodes have been less and less crazy. The most recent anxiety attack, I threw up. But I tried very hard to control it mentally. What triggers these episodes could be the smallest things, I remember reading a text message from a girl concerning prom, right before taking a rip. Sucks :(
  6. good post. I never really put much thought into it. If you let your mind slip into bad thoughts thats what happens.
  7. i realized how to control my brain a while agooooo

  8. Exactly, as did I, but I've also been smoking for a long time. Most people who frequent this section of the forum are either new to herb, or aren't as educated in regards to it, so they may get all worried when they go through anxiety related highs. I'm trying to help that.

    In short, I'm a public servant :)
  9. Lol as i read that i had trouble breathing xD
  10. mind over matter........if i dont mind, it doesnt matter.

  11. I'm glad I though about it all being in my head earlier today. I saw like 50 tan cars in a row go by, and in all of them it appeared as if the driver was talking on a walkie-talkie or something. Idk it was creepy. But I just told myself it was all in my head, and let it go. I ended up being fine.
  12. LOL I say the "it's all in your head" in every thread like that I post in. Hahaha
  13. although generally speaking it is mostly newer tokers who experience paranoia/anxiety, ive noticed at least for myself it can occur especially when frequenting a new location

    my example is ive been blazin for 5-6 years on and off but recently started blazin in my bedroom in my rents house so i got quite paranoid a few times but now its the norm :smoking:
  14. Man, I used to get this all the time. The first time I ever smoked I thought I was dying. I just wasn't used to what was happening. All this crazy shit was happening, and my mind was saying 'This isn't right, something's wrong!' and it all just went downhill from there. Hour-long panic attacks are awesome...

    Now I just know the effects, kick back, and relax. Occasionally I'll slip into that mode, but I get out pretty quick.

    It's just like the first post said - It's all in your head. Just relax!
  15. I dont get it though, i never freaked out. Never had a panic attack or anything. Even my first time, i was like woah so this is what being high feels like.. this is sweet. Ive never had any problems
  16. OP, Great thread. Truth.

    also a GREAT book that can teach more on the subject and perhaps change ya life for the better.

    The Power Of Now, Eckart Tolle.

    its a great read, especially on weed.
  17. depends on your sober mentality also, some people are more prone to paranoia.
    I just think too much,instead of speaking, I think in my head,then I realize I haven't said a damn thing for the past hour.

  18. Some people are more prepared for a new thing, to feel the effects of being high, and like someone else said, your sober mindset also plays a role in your experience. You know those people who you can just visualize freaking out if they were high.

    And for me, a new setting can make mr paranoid. Example: if I'm used to sittin back and tokkn in my bedroom, but then I smoke in a friends car, I'm probably gonna feel uncomfortable/paranoid/etc
  19. this was about to happen to me yesterday.. yeah what works is just sitting there and pretending to concentrate on something (like watch a TV show intently) as though nothing is going wrong and it goes away. i was having difficulties swallowing and shit but it went away within like 10 minutes haha. i was kinda anxious before smoking though. doesn't happen too often
  20. I rarely have that problem, but I think the most comforting thing for me to remember is that the world around me is still exactly the same. I'm in my own head, high as balls, but everyone else is going about everything normally. To me that makes the experience a lot of fun and really laughable. Weed should be enjoyed every time!

    Excellent post btw. My girlfriend sometimes gets too wrapped up in her thoughts (not just about smoking, about being sick too) and she really ends up exacerbating the problem, whatever it may be. I'm constantly telling her to think positive about the situation, whatever it is. Positive outlook = positive results mannnnn.

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