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Anxiety/GAD endured from smoking. Will I be able to smoke again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Helppls, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Sorry if this is long, just felt to add the background info on this: So during a smoke sesh with my friend, (smoking for about a year daily most days) I had a panic attack in which my head convinced itself I was trapped in the matrix and the world itself wasn't real. Since then I've been dealing with daily anxiety and maybe depression mixed in with that. To the point my head will overthink everything that I think about. It's been two weeks since the incident and some days are good days and others are bad days. I worry about the intrusive thoughts I have, which range from stupid things like I said before about men being the only person in this world and everyone else just being simulations or "coincidences" that happen not really being a coincidence to things like me thinking about reincarnation and freaking out over if it's real or not. (I'm a "Christian" and believe in god. But not by standard Christian morals like some people claim. I believe everyone should do what makes them happy and I don't judge. That was kind of pointless to put in sorry) and my head will put ideas like its more than just anxiety and I have a serious mental illness or problem going on now (I looked up what might be going on early before I understood all of what was happening and found things related to schitzophrenia and bipolar disorder etc.) and my head basically takes and fear or unusual thought in my head and runs with it. To the point I'm worrying about stuff I don't want to/think I'll do but the anxiety makes it a "what if". Some days it even feels hopeless or "what's the point". I think I've lost my purpose in life. At this point I've talked to one counselor from my school but she didn't really help, just referred me to a phsycologist which I haven't had time to go get an appointment with yet. The closest thing I feel or relate to is General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. I just guess I'm looking for someone with answers and to reassure me this isn't something crazy or super serious and that I'm not alone in this. And that I'll get back to feeling normal and also to ask if since all this was put in motion by smoking (I understand it was probably underlying stress and worries in my sober life that built it up to this point) if smoking again would just make my situation worse. Sorry for the length and I appreciate any responses/questions and happy to explain more!
  2. Why do people claim to be Christians but go against God's word ? Like you believe in God but not in his word ?
  3. Sorry if this is short but yeeeerrrrrrrr a lightweight!

    I've always liked how Bob Marley says when you smoke the herb, it reveals to you YOURSELF. (something like that).

    I would he a lot of the posters of these threads are uncomfortable in their own minds and bodies, so when you guys smoke it amplifies these feelings and you gus freak the fuck out.

    I'm not saying I have god like confidence, I'm just saying I genuinely like jizzledfreq for the most part, so I'm able to get retarded stoned and ride the wave of awkwardness and uncomfortability.
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  4. I'm confused on what you're saying here
  5. I can see that being the problem but it's not like it was my first time. Like I said I had been smoking almost daily about a year now and never had a problem until that time two weeks ago
  6. Ignore the religious aspect of your post and any posts related to it, that's just a rambling thought in your head probably meant for another topic.
    Plus you'll get way too many responses as a result turning your post into a was god mentally ill argument.
    It appears that you were on the right track when you brought schizophrenia or depression/anxiety into the discussion.
    Your age is a very important part of the equation, schizophrenia often lies latent and dormant until it rears its ugly head and emerges during the ages of say 18-25 or so.
    Substance abuse of a more intense level such as ecstasy or molly can and often does increase the likelihood that those with a pre-disposition or potential to become schizophrenic or depressed/anxiety ridden will do so.
    What seems to be happening more often today is that the bud THC content is often so intense that it can exacerbate these same potentials just as those other harder core drugs might.
    It's all individualistic and someone could develop these problems whether they've ever smoked weed or have done any drugs.
    Talking to a mental health counselor, therapist, professional, or even someone with whom you can trust is good advice.
    Mental health and mental illness are real issues.
    Sorry for the rant, and I didn't mean to interject the "reefer madness" scenario but if you think about it; what Bob Marley said was right. Weed makes you see and expose the real you, the problem is that person whom we see isn't always the one we want to. It's not always the healthy one either.

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  7. Don't apologize! I appreciate the input. I am 18 and over the past couple weeks of dealing with all this I really don't believe it's schitz anymore. I'm not hearing voices or preparing for the alien invasion to come down. I think the issue with the matrix was just a drug induced phycosis and my dad is very VERY OCD and anxious, like all the time everyday. He just goes and works non stop at the house and work to deal with it so I definitely think I'm predisposed to the anxiety.
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  8. So i have the same problem when i smoke and edibles can mess me up real bad so i found the bathing in it helped with my pain and i got to enjoy a stone in a different just to give my brain a break from smoking so much. have you even tried that?
  9. It does sound like you might be suffering from the "chip off the old block syndrome"
    I inherited my dads skin condition and probably part of his OCD shit too.
    The schizophrenic part happens over an extended period of time usually within a year or two you'll see them morph from normal young people with intact personalities to someone who can't function without their meds.
    The drug induced psychosis sounds like it was probably responsible for a lot of your issues. Try exercising if you don't already as it's great for the body and the brain..!

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