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Anxiety, depression & panic attacks

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by I Wayne, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. From being 15 to 18 years old I have smoked weed close to every day. At times I did get anxiety attacks, however I would smoke through them. When I was 18 and 1/2 I stopped smoking weed for about 7 months. About a month later I started smoking every couple days, by only about a bowl or two a day. This is what brings me up to this day. Once I started smoking after quitting for 7 months I started having anxiety, panic attacks and depression. My doctor prescribed me 50 mg of zoloft 4 days ago and after 2 days of taking it I was told to stop, because I had hallucinations, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness and I felt like I was not on this earth. THE ONLY THING that helps me with these problems is running 3-4 miles a day, lifting weights and playing computer games. If my mind is not busy i go nuts. I go back to my doctors tomorrow and I am 95% sure I will refuse any, what-so-ever "medication", regarding pills. My reasoning behind this is there is nearly 30 side effects from zoloft, xanax makes me too drowsy and I feel my body will react to any other pill. I'm un-sure if these issues I'm having is coming from me stopping the usage of weed, me quitting taking ADD medication (vyvanse) after 4 months [a relapse] or if its just because im getting older.

    My question is if I present my doctor with thoughts of medicinal marijuana, is there any chance I can get it prescribed? I live in connecticut, it is only decriminalized. Rhode Island next door uses it for medicinal uses, I believe. I feel as if I'd rather smoke one bowl a day over taking a pill every day and having major side effects. It's like can't I just smoke weed, be able to sleep, eat and not have panic/anxiety attacks?

    Any advice is so so so so so appreciated. I am going crazy! I have no reason whatsoever to freak out over nothing! I randomly feel like I need to cry at times....
  2. It's definitely worth a shot.
    The worst that will happen is that you walk out of his office with a no, and you can still smoke it for leisure.
  3. That's just the thing...I'm only going to start smoking again if my anxiety, depression and such isnt coming from the weed I had been smoking before I quit. Ya know...i feel like its either, all this started happening from smoking weed and my mind is trying to chemically alter the way I think because I no longer have the support of weed, or it's because my body is just changing as I age.
  4. I hate to throw this out there but marijuana causes insane stress on the mind causing anxiety and depression, using it for so long at 15 will lead to depression. People say it doesnt and what not but ive experienced it first hand, and seen it happen to many many people. Almost all stoners are depressed as fuck for no reason, once again everyone will deny it but sometimes marijuana isnt the answer.

    Also i feel you on the pills.. FUCK zoloft in the ass, i had the same trippy experiences on it when younger.

  5. You kind of answered your own question with the bold text, unless you plan on moving to RI or something. Regardless, you can't get a prescription for marijuana in the United States. Since it's illegal federally, if doesn't matter what state you're in it's never going to be prescribed until that ban is lifted. (It will also then be protected under the American's with Disabilities acts and people won't be able to be fired for it anymore.) You can, however, get a doctor's recommendation and become eligible for medical marijuana in the states with programs created by the law. If you don't live in one of those states, then you need to move or wait for it to be legalized in your area.

    Your welcome. :D Always glad to help!
  6. wow okay thanks for all the advice. i had a feeling marijuana played a part in this, because when i took a day break or so throughout those 4 years i would get so pissed for no reason. now instead of me not getting pissed im just completely depressed. i am trying to cope with it. i just woke up after an 8 hour nap and thats the first time in a week or so ive actually slept. i do not want to be a zombie on pills, and if ganja wont help what the hell should i do?
  7. Yeah your kinda out of luck with getting it prescribed in connecticut. I live in oregon and i'm still having trouble obtaining a card for PTSD and Anxiety. I just got off the xanax for the above disorders... my withdrawal has been 2 months so far and i still don't feel the same. My advice is to skip the zoloft and benzos your doctor try to push on you, you regret it for a long time after. Exercise, meditation, counseling, and socializing are your best treatment options IMO.
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    Yes some people do experience anxiety but that's short term paranoia and not the genuine hard core fear and self loathing that I feel every day naturally. I have chronic anxiety and MJ relieves it considerably. My mind races wildly when I quit for long periods of time and my insomnia gets much worse.

    I began to have serious problems at the age of 16 and my parents had suspected that I was on drugs so they put my in a drug rehab. After a week the rehab determined that I was in fact clean and sent me to a mental health facility. The doctors there prescribed very powerful anti-depressants and I had major side effects from that including hearing voices and serious delusions. They switched my meds over and over but nothing worked for me. Eventually I found MJ and started using it and got off the psychotics. In all honesty my condition improved for a time when I found MJ even though I still had issues and society was opposed.

    I've been suffering quite a lot lately and of course no MJ. I live on the edge of sanity with sever tension and irritability as I'm completely unable to relax. When I occasionally do find a little street weed I'm finally able to decompress.

    I'm highly irritable naturally and very easily agitated. I can't handle the stress that most people can. I guarantee that cannabis makes all the difference in the world. There are pills but so far none that work for me and I have always had the side effects.

    I will say this. Every person is different and mental heath disorders and all their symptoms often blend together then come and go over time.

    Just my perspective. :wave:
  9. yes you are right. i will not know how i react to further medication unless i try it. but my aunt takes xanax for the same symptoms, however i have but i probably wont try that either. im going to suggest medicinal regardless to see what he thinks. theres no way in hell im going on any pills if there may even be side effects though.

    this life expirience truly shows me how underdeveloped our society is with treatments and such.
  10. i know where your comming from its helped me in many ways I was actually telling my side thats against cannabis. I also had depression anexity aswell, long before cannabis use im fairly new to it (a few years) i got into it for the positive mental health effects of cannabis.

    I've seen it work wonders but ive seen it cause alot of harm with close friends, that do it just to get high, and there minds have suffered in the end, many happy people turned into just downnnn downn people. I suspect directly from cannabis use.

    idunno i dont really say too many bad things about the herb because of how its helped me but i feel some people should just stray away from it sometimes. idunno just my thoughts on it too always good to have many objective sides!
  11. yeah your right...i guess anything can have positive and negative effects on people though. into today was the first time i actually got a full 8 hours of sleep and I have felt great today...but if i start to get depressed or have panic attacks again I am going to smoke. it may not help so much in the long run but for present time it def will.

    i appreciate all the advice from everyone aswell!!!
  12. You could be suffering from this because You stopped taking the Vyvanse. ADD is no joke. I know plenty of people, and if there not on there meds, There fucked up..

    I suffer from depresion, anxiety, insomnia, and all that good stuff. I have been taking lexapro for like 4 years. If I dont take it for 3 days I notice a huge change in my personality and mental state.
    I also take xanax, And If im off that more than a week my lips start shaking and shit when I talk and Im a mess. then again, my social anxiety is really bad.

    Honestly, alot of medications DO HELP. Anti-depressants definately help people (like me). I understand you may not want to take pills but, You may have a chemical Inbalance in your brain man.... It sucks...
    I had the same feelings about pills, and My psychairtrist told Me I im not going to be taking it too long, only a year. And here i am 4 years later not seeing how I could Live Happy without the anti depressants..

    I dont know what im trying to get at. basically Im saying mayber you need to be on a certain pill.
    Or, it could be the complete oppisite and your just getting negative/unwanted effects from smoking pot.
  13. Thank you for the advice! My doctor was not in two days ago when I called, so the temp. doctor told me there is no possible way it could be because of the Vyvanse, because I have been off of it for 4 months already (with no symptoms until this past week or two). I have a decent feeling it is from smoking for long and all this started after I quit. I had also only taken the Zoloft for two days and it's weird how I feel a bit better two days later...
    Who honestly know..I am just going to have to wait to see what my doctors advice is, ya know.
  14. Good luck to you brother its a struggle but we can get through her together, if you got someone to rely on dont fret to rely on them! haha sometimes all you need is some good words from a close friend to change the whole day:wave:
  15. I applaud your desire to try to find a better way! Most people are sheep and just take what their given and spend the rest of their lives walking around like zombies!

    My $.02...NEVER take the poisons! ...unless you've resigned yourself to being on them for the rest of your life! I have a TON of experience (first hand and anecdotal) in this area. As you're already seeing...it's NO fun!

    I'd say, experiment with different strains until you find one that works good for you. Then...live medicated! There are certain strains that I just can't smoke. They either amplify the "noise" (anxiety, stress, etc.) or just make me worthless. BUT...there are other strains that make everything RIGHT! Amazing stuff. Also, experiment with methods (e.g. - vaping, edibles, etc.). I've switched to vaping and it's a much better experience for my needs.

    Good luck to you friend. Peace to you! I pray you find your healing!
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    It's never been proven that marijuana has any corelation amongst people with mental illness. Vyvanse is one thing that is going to increase your depression and anxiety, speaking from personel prescribed use. I love the fact that your doctor would rather give you amphetamines than marijuana. I smoked weed when I was taking all sorts of ADHD meds. It helped with the tics, the come down, and the tremors. You're well aware after discontinuing an ADHD and every antidepressent drug that you will go through depression and anxiety?

    Doctors are encouraged by drug companies to prescribe certain medications in exchange for god knows what. I go to my doctor and most of his pens are Zyprexa, Paxil, Wellbutrin, etc. Most of the medication he first mentions usually has its logo on one of his fucking pens. We've talked about it before. I love it. It's the best marketing. This isn't some sort of hippie thing I've created- I know because I've been in the game of manic depression for 10 years and doctors get percs.

    Adderall became generic rather recently. Before that, you had to purchase the Adderall and pay the EXTREMELY expensive $600 a month prescription cost. Now I pay $10. Imagine the profit margines these drugs companies have lost due to patents ending and drugs becoming generic. They still profit off WASPs and ignorant people who dont really care about the cost and are too proud to ask for something cheaper.

    Marijuana won't cure any mental illness. If it did, I wouldn't be a manic depressive. It simply eases the pain and anxiety (in our case atleast). I've found that heavy hitting indica marijuana helps with anxiety and depression. I stay away from hybrids that are more than 70 / 30. Sativas don't work as well, but thats me.

    If this post didnt make any sense, its my bad. Im doing about 5 different things.


    people with PSTD and severe depression need counceling and medication. i can't slowly ease off my meds. i tried for 2 weeks. didnt take any medication. ended up with a 13 inch slice down my wrist and a bed in a hospital for the mentally ill. depression may look easy on the outside and some will sigh and say they've been through it. when you walk through a room, do you notice objects that you could potentially use to due physical harm to yourself? how long have you gone without nightmares and cold sweats? i dont remember the last time i had a fairy tale dream. its hard, bro. i haven't been brainwashed into the belief that i need to take the medication. i know i have to take the medication because i do stupid shit when i dont. brah, i would never wish any of the agony i go through on anyone.

    i know you meant know harm in your post but never dismiss someone who has a mental illness and suggest they vape instead.
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  17. i noticed the op said he had only tried the Zoloft for 2 days. dont doctors say that there is an adjustment period for a short time and that the full benefits of the drug come after about 4 weeks? i tried zoloft for 1 week, said it wasnt doing anything, got paxil, said THAT wasnt doing anything, so i've semi given up. then i read that you have to take them a minimum of 2 mo before dismissing them. so now i'd like to try lexapro and attempt that the full trial period, but i hate doctors offices and i dont want big pharma to get me by the balls and become one of their fucken drones either. so i bought a tent. i'd like to experiment with these different strains and see what i come up with. figure mama nature should get a crack at this
  18. my symtpoms are not nearly as bad to make me ever want to hurt myself. my main issue is i freak out over nothing. and the advice on indica strains is so true because when i smoked heavy i could not tell the difference between any strains. it sucks because i know they make a difference and i Want indica but i dont have a hookup that has one steady strain. also the reason i stopped taking it after 2 days is because the side effects ate me alive. for 2 days now, off it, i have had full sleep and most of my negative thoughts have bounced off me, but not all :/

    and cloud thanks for the advice i appreciate you giving me some. it comforts me a bit knowing im not the only one against pills and im not the only one going through this
  19. i grew up with anxiety attacks and major depression disorder, been threw every pill on the market sense i was roughly 6 years old. i was prescribed klonopin and paxil cr for about a year recently, they seemed to work well untill i decided to get off them, i became very ill and began to experience "brain zaps" every second of my life untill i put the drugs back into my system, i finally got off them in a final attempt at quitting cold turkey. zaps went on for months afterwards and only stopped recently, i smoke up every day and i have decreased my anxiety/depression tenfold! plus theres no horrible side effects i prefer some tasty bud over a pill anyday. hopefully they will legalize it in CT for medicinal use soon, i cant wait! C'mon Malloy you can do it!
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    It's true, I am in the Advertising field - doctors for many people are an authority figure thus what they say is the end all be all of solutions, unfortunately the doctors themselves have been persuaded by big drug corporations to push certain products.

    To the OP a high CBD content bud will be your key to anti-anxiety, i can only smoke certain strains most others make the anxiety worse which leads to major panic attacks. I was ready to give up marijuana all together until i decided to give it one more shot and got a medical card.

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