Anxiety causing my T-break..

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  1. My last thread got deleted so gonna cut out the drug talk a bit. Well blades its kinda upsetting since i like to toke and come on here and just chill but im gonna take a t-break. Ive been suffering from mild anxiety/depression but this past week my symptoms had gotten worse. Just restlessness, constant tension, nausea, no appetite, crying, cold sweats, etc. I couldnt even browse GC or anything on the comp because i would be so anxious id have to just stop and just think. I was starting to use marijuana as a crutch and it caught up on me so its time to stop. I was put on anxiety and depression medication and so far the medicine has helped a little with my anxiety. Also will need to be looking for a job soon so i might as well take this time of recovery to stop smoking so i can be back to normal. I have a couple g's of some bomb ass bud that ill be saving for when i come back to it, im sure it will knock me on my ass. I plan on taking a month or so break, its tough now since smoking does make me feel good, but after a week or so i doubt it will be such a big deal. Thanks for reading my story, its a bummer that i have to go through all of this. Just hoping that i will recover fully.
  2. Don't fight the anxiety brother, just let it wash over your body and breathe slowly through it. Just deep breaths, hold it for a couple seconds and exhale, wait a couple seconds and inhale.. just as big as you feel comfortable with. Do it 5-10 times, relax, and do it again.

    Remember that anxiety is a natural human response to a perceived threat, even your thoughts can trigger an anxiety/adrenaline response. Breathing shallow or holding your breath can release adrenaline and all that too.

    Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and not deficient in any important nutrients. This can cause anxiety too.

    Try to exercise, get sleep regularly, and don't depend too much on your anti-anxiety pills. Any kind of medication for anxiety (including weed) is temporary. Eventually your body will get used to the medicine and you'll go back to being your anxious self. :p Then you need higher doses, and that's never any good. They can be nice for getting through a month or two of rampant anxiety though.

    I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager, I've had nausea, diarrhea, heart palpitations, cold sweats, nightmares, insomnia, phobias, you name it. I've even passed out a couple times. Feel free to message me if you ever need any help or advice or just want to talk about it with someone who understands.
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    Thanks for the support, but yeah i try to do that man but the anxiety has just been so bad. I havent eaten in a while which isnt good, i have been keeping up on fluids though. It sucks waking up and not being able to just lay down and chill because my nerves kick in and i just have to get up and sit around and just worry. I never wanna leave the house unless i have to, its just brutal. I just hate how i cant tell work that im having anxiety and depression issues that are also causing me not to come in, because unless you've had it, its hard to understand the power that it has.
  4. Anxiety is a BITCH.

    I can't remember the last time I've felt normal. This shit will pass though. Hang in there.
  5. Ive been trying my best to control it, its been very tough. Thank god my mom and brother(depression) have been through it. My mom is such a big supporter even though she hates to see me get exactly like her with this. This has been worse then any kind of sickness ive ever had, even when i had coxsackie virus which was a week of very painful blisters/ulcers in my throat. Physical pain is relatively easy to heal as it does automatically, while mental pain scares me and you never know when it'll all diminish.
  6. I'd trade a little bit of anxiety for a lot of depression any day. Anxiety fucking sucks.
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    Trueness, my anxiety seems to be the worse, but im not sure. Ive never experienced one or the other, but right now almost all of my symptoms are of anxiety. Also seems depression is easier to cure. Now would my diagnosis be GAD? Where i just have a constant anxious worry all day and i dont even know why? Constant stomach in a knot, cant sit still,etc.? Just curious as to what the title is.
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    When my anxiety surfaced, most of my symptoms were stomach related (I get diarrhea out of no where sometimes), plus the restlessness, sweating, feeling like I gotta get out of the room and all that. The not being able to sit still sensation is the adrenaline rush. Fight, flight, or freezing in place/playing dead is what your body wants to do.

    A diagnosis for anxiety is a tricky thing. First of all, thinking of it as a "disorder" and not a normal reaction from conditioning is a negative way to view anxiety. Everyone gets anxious, your panic attacks aren't that different of a sensation then you would have from almost getting hit by a car. You're just conditioned to have such a reaction from different stimuli than some people.

    GAD would probably be what you got diagnosed as if you had a formal diagnosis, maybe with comorbid anxiety disorders like agoraphobia if you're phobic about panic attacks and their symptoms, exhibiting avoidant behavior to not have panic attacks (staying inside), etc. They might diagnose you with "panic disorder" if you're having full blown panic attacks out of no where. I mean, my formal diagnosis as far as anxiety goes is "anxiety disorder, not otherwise specified" + major depression after thousands of dollars in testing (insurance covered it or else I wouldn't have wasted the money), cause I qualify for most normal anxiety disorders lol.

    Take it from me though, even a formal diagnosis from a neuropsychologist doesn't mean much. It just means your symptoms have reached a point that they can slap a "disorder" on you. The main symptom of any "disorder" is that it's interfering in your life. So instead of thinking of yourself as "a disordered person", just think of yourself as having some anxiety that's interfering in your life. That's all it really is.

    Psychiatrists love to "pathologize" people. They make you think you have some disease of the brain or something without any physical tests or anything. They don't tell you that anxiety is your natural response and that without anxiety humans would just walk off cliffs and in front of cars and stuff. There's nothing wrong with us! :)
  9. I thought that since im going on a T-break that i wouldnt want to browse GC because id get jealous of all the tokers. But i really feel good about my decision and still love coming back on here and browsing. Before when i was smoking so often i thought that it would be so hard to quit honestly, but its really not hard after the first couple days. Things are starting to look up. I had some more symptoms again this morning but they seemed to alleviate a bit, im going back to work soon so i guess ill see how i feel there too, hopefully i feel better. My symptoms get better as the day goes on usually.

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