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Anxiety attack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BUD-, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey GC, I gotta little ? for you veterans to a rookie.

    Ok, so last summer about this time, Me and my friend got stoned out of our minds. Literally, if i can remember correctly, we ripped about 15-20 hits through a homemade water bong. We took about 5, then didnt feel anything so we kept hitting. I know stupid as f*** right? but hey gotta live and learn! It was def. a crazy experience, we started walking back to his car and it all crept up at once finally. I couldnt speak, i would forget what i would say right as i was about to say it. VERY heady, almost no body, which is what i like. but we ripped to much. Then i got so baked out of my mind, ripped about 5 hits, and this one scared me so much. it was supremely body high. I couldn't move, it was getting harder to breath, i tried drinking some water cuz of cottenmouth but it was hard to get it down. I was getting really scared i almost dialed 911 lol. but i kept sating to myself its just weed man.... chill. but i never could. Is this normal for first timers? or is it something serious?
  2. hasn't happened to me. first time I got high I took 3 32-oz bong hits, didnt feel much, did some vaporizing. i got stoned as hell but felt good and relaxed.

    im sure it can happen but hasn't to me personally. i did get a little scared once when it seemed like someone was stabbing me head with an axe repeatedly (without the pain) lol
  3. yeah thats pretty common.

    I had an anxiety attack a few months ago but since i've always told myself its not going to hurt me so I haven't had another. I might get an uncomfortable high or a moment where Im a little paranoid but then I just tell myself it's just weed and nothings gonna happen so I calm down lol. Try eating . unless your stomach hurts.
  4. the first time i got high i just felt good, calm, happy, and had a body/head buzz. it was awesome and great and fantastic. also the first time i smoked i didnt feel it at all or maybe just a lil bit but i thought damn this is whats everyones all hyped up about? but then the next couple times i got better at smokin and i got really high and just felt awesomely stoned. none of my first (1-5) experiances were bad

    i guess i lucked out :)

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