Anxiety and Marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by Noobie01, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So, I was in the military for some time and have severe anxiety, (Heart beating, sweats, feeling of impending doom, and sometimes even vomiting on a worse case).

    My question is this. I was told that since my meds don't really work, to try to smoke up. I haven't smoked for over 6 years and did the other day. It seemed to flare up my anxiety when I took a big hit and felt really anxious and even paced for a good 30 min or so until I turned on some pink floyd.

    1.) Are there any strains that help with anxiety and which?
    2.) Since I live in a state that does not support M.M.J. how hard is it to get?

    Appreciate it!
  2. i used to get anxiety when i smoked, but i kinda thought myself how to get rid of it when i get it.
  3. wait are you out of the military? wat are the rules on mmj in the military? just curio
  4. Yeah, I'm Out. According the the UCMJ even if it's legal in the state you are stationed at, you are not allowed any mmj or Marijuana at all for that matter.
  5. Yeah I used to get anxiety too then I stopped giving a shit.
  6. i have horrible social anxiety and weed definitely helps me. sativa's are better for anxiety (so ive been told) because its all about the head high. weed is everywhere dude, im assuming you're friend smoked you out since its been 6 years since you smoked. ask him to hook you up with his guy if that would be all right. i live in florida which is one of the most fascist states and weed is everywhere where i live.

    edit: i had some anxiety my first time smoking. once you get used to it again that wont happen often.

  7. Your signature is so true but anyway... I have anxiety and meds don't really help but I don't really take them... I would say just start selling weed at parties for starters so you have something to talk about and then you will just get into the habit of talking to people I guess... But I wouldn't suggest selling either if you have no experience. Hope this helped.
  8. From the symptoms you described, it sounds like you're getting full blown panic attacks. In this case weed will NOT help you. If anything, weed can set off panic attacks very easily. There are some strains that will mellow you out if smoked in moderation. Taking 1 or 2 hits just to feel that relaxing buzz. But take 1 hits too many, and you are more than likely will have another panic attack. If you really want to try and see if weed will help you, I strongly suggest vaporizing.
  9. I also have severe anxiety and I get success with indica strains, if possible try going through a variety of kush strains (pretty much any kush should work) and see which one floats your boat. I don't live in america so yeah can't help you there.

    Sativas tend to make me anxious when my tolerance is low and I have no idea why. :wave:
  10. You need to lower your tolerance at first before it'll have an effect on anxiety, i.e. smoke more regularly.

    As that was your first time in years, it was no wonder you got anxious - you probably got high as fuck.
  11. If you are getting panic attacks don't smoke it will just cause them to be a lot of worse. I have really bad anxiety that only started pretty recently but now everytime I light up I can't do anything but feel chest pains and check my heartbeat a thousand times because I feel like I'm dieing.
  12. I have anxiety. But bud kinda helps me out. Depends on the individual. When I smoke, I walk to my (or any) spot. Smoke and come back. It's part bud and part just the walk itself. Especially when I'm just chillin by myself walkin back. Lots of time to think shit out and get stuff straight in my head.

    My friend gets frequent panic attacks. I can say first hand it helps him out. If he knows that or not is up to him. But I see a difference.

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