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  1. ive never tried weed before, the only thing ive ever smoked was salvia. but i want to try it atleast once, if not start smoking it regularly because i think it would help with how i feel about myself and it would help me be more social. ive always been pretty antisocial, partly because im so insecure about myself. im not really sure why i am. sometimes im pretty outgoing and talk and laugh alot, but that mood is usually short lived. i just have huge moodswings because of little stuff and every time i start to think about my life it depresses me. i only have a couple of good friends but i never feel like doing anything with them. ive thought about going to see a shrink but doin that makes me think more about how fucked up i am and cant make friends, plus i dont want to just go tell my parents i want to go see a shrink cause i dont have a good relationship with them where i can just talk to them. anyways the problem with me tryin weed is that none of my close friends smoke so i dont even know how i would get started. i know a couple kids in my school that deal but i just feel stupid walkin up to somebody i dont really know like that. i know for some people weed makes them less social and for some people it makes them more social but im pretty sure it my case it couldnt make anything worse
  2. dude.....i know exactly how you feel bra. Just gotta say what the fuck, who cares. You're insecure probaly because you care too much what people around you think intil it eats your brain up. Just say fuck it. who cares about other worthless fucking dumb shits. lol........walk up to a dealer and be like "what kinda trees you serve, stress, mids, or danks? Then whatever he sells buy like a quarter. Don't want to buy just al ittle bit from a dealer(some dealers are just sketchy like that).....from there things will get alot better, trust me. gotta love MJ
  3. I am in the same boat (I am listening to my mom cry hysterically and scream at my dad). I smoke about everyday and have trouble with depression and anxiety. I would highly recomend the regular intake of marijuana as for it will help you deal with this shit. While this is no miracle cure it has certainly made my life a much more pleasuarable and teolerable enviorment for my family and I.

    Good luck, and PM me or hit me up on AIM if you want to talk, my door is always open.
  4. Weed won't help you much with depression or anti-social problems. I know because I have both. While you're high you probably won't be depressed and even for some time after you have smoked you'll feel fine, but it still doesn't make it go away in the same way that regular medication does. What I mean is that when you're sober again, you'll feel whatever you normally feel when you're sober, so if it's depression than you'll probably feel depressed. Now as for the social stuff, I know it has different effects on different people, but I wouldn't expect it to make you just open up and start being social. In fact, although it's been easier for me to talk to people since I started smoking, I still have few friends and rarely go out. Weed doesn't change your basic personality.

    So anyway, have fun smoking, it's great, but it's not a cure for any of life's problems. It's just a drug, nothing more.
  5. lately i just hate life. there is nothing in it for me. i dislike other people in general and i have zero friends now that i've graduated hs (don't really care cause i didn't have any then anyway). life is worthless. all i do is go to class and go to work. don't do anything except for that. all i have to look foward to from here on out is more classes and more work. that's it until the day i finally die. if it wasn't for how much it would upset my parents i would have committed suicde a long time ago. when my parents pass away i'm going thru w/it.

    i don't have a gf and don't really want one. i have too much disdain for other people in general to even have a friendship w/ someone, much less an intimate relationship. i just want it all to end. i have no desire at all to live. there is nothing/no one in life that i like. the only time i ever feel the slightest escape from misery is when i'm high. i just hope it's not that much longer before it's over. when i die it will be such a relief. it will be like someone finally being able to rest after a tiresome stressful journey.
  6. I've always been pretty anti-social.

    For me, it's just a personality trait, i embrace it and try to enforce balance wherever i can. You just need discipline if you really want to maintain a good social life.

    Simple as that.
  7. There's no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.

    I started opening up to people when I started smoking weed in high school, but with time I realized that it wasn't really the weed that was making me social, but the mindset and intention that I had when I would light up.

    Although I guess it worked for me, I've seen weed trigger latent insecurities in people far more often than it's solved any deep-rooted problems. If smoking helps you let go of your fears then that's good, but then again I'm sure you wouldn't want to become dependant on it.

    What's important is that you see your insecurities for what they are: fear. It can be tough to admit, and you have to be humble about it, but in reality the only thing that's keeping you from connecting with people is a set of fears that you've no doubt been feeding for years. You're afraid of not coming off well, of not making a good impression. You're afraid of other people's opinions and judgements... I know, I've been there. The fear can even get physical, when I was in an uncomfortable situation, I would feel my heart all tense up. You're reacting to what you perceive as a danger, but in reality, no one's words or thoughts can harm you.

    When you talk to someone, send your energy outward, towards that person. Listen to what they say and respect them. Don't be caught in your head, trying to figure out how to come off well. The truth is, when you let go of all the expectations you have of yourself, your true self will bubble up spontaneously. You don't have to "control" your interactions.

    As for feeling good about yourself, it's the same deal. When you find yourself alone and uncomfortable, just let go of all the expectations and standards that you've set up. You can simply exist as you are without having to be constantly judging everything. You don't really even have to think about your life at all. Just be :)

    Weedzilla: I dont believe that there's nothing in your life that you love. Don't you have any fond memories? When you're high, what is it that gives you that brief respite from misery?
  8. yea i know weed isnt the miracle cure for everything that some people make it out to be. im not necessarily looking for something to make it all go away, just something to ease it and help me cope with it. ive tried letting go of all of my insecurities and fears, but most of the time when i try i just trick myself into thinking i did instead of really doing it. ive felt like throwing my whole life away alot, and sometiems i get stuck in spells where all i can think about for a couple days is that i want to kill myself. but then i figure if im going to waste it i might as well end it happy, like doing something ive always wanted to. but im still not sure if im ready to take a step that far. thanks for all the help guys
  9. Letting go is really tricky... it's not something you can force yourself to do. You have to relax into it. Remember to be humble.

    Good luck man!
  10. Except for: "I heard you was talking shit?". Haha, good advice none-the-less.
  11. are you an introvert or an extrovert??

    I imagine weed will help you more socially if you are a natural extrovert, I find I am less social when stoned as I become self conscious...
  12. just give less of a fuck. when i was younger, me and my bro would go to this thing to get ice cream or tacos or whatever it was, and there were always girls there and i would be so uncomfortable. then one day i said fuck it and went out there and even thought it doesent mean you are inclined to talk to someone thats in line with you, i started talking to people. it goes away man, you just gotta let yourself be more social.
  13. im not really sure what you mean by introvert and extrovert
  14. The lives we are living aren't real. The problems and decisions we face day to day are fabricated, we are all imprisoned by capitalism and too stupid to see reality for what it is. When people get stuck in the monotony of the corporate lifestyle (The USA became a corporation in 1934, we are no longer a country) they loose faith in life because they can't see past their insecurities and bullshit problems stemming from this fucked up society we have. Depression ensues, you might be prescribed drugs, you might do illegal drugs, you might kill yourself, you might kill other people, but regardless this certainly isn't how living should be. We here in America have no real problems, all of our basic needs to survive are met with an extreme amount of ease (well, most of us) Even if you are unlucky enough to be born into a life of poverty here in the USA, compared to other countries it is still relatively easy to survive. So when the majority of the population has no real worries, they start to fabricate worries and problems (or the news fabricates them for you ((terrorism))) and it snowballs until every little thing about life seems to make them sick to their stomach. So they go to the doctor, and he gives them a little pill to forget about everything, go back to school, go back to work, it's normal to feel this way, just a little chemical in your brain is off, we'll fix it right up for you. Ignore the man behind the curtain, keep watching Flava Flav get his groove on, keep perpetuating ignorance, and most of all keep watching the news reports of terror alerts and murders and mayhem. Go back to sleep, but be afraid, be very very afraid because at any moment terrorists might blow up your house.

    Uhhh, I guess what I'm trying to say is when drugs are used to solve problems, that is when they become problems. I don't think using marijuana is going to help you, it will probably make you even more self conscious.
  15. Greenscreen, I would advise you to try dope to find out one way or the other... for some people it will only make them get into repetitive negative thought cycles, which may be your personality type... however, it may just as likely mellow you out, make you see your problems are not as significant as you may think

    By introvert/extrovert I mean in social situations do u hide in a corner and hope no-one sees you, or are u the loud mouth chatting crap to anyone who will listen??
  16. i understand your point pete. i agree that society, in america especially, has gotten really fucked up. i know for lots of people drugs can cause enormous problems in their life, i think that the key to this is moderation. someone going around all day snorting, shooting, and smoking IS gonna end up with some serious problems, but the casual use of some of this stuff isnt anywhere near as likely to caues problems.

    as for the introvert/extrovert thing i would probably put myself under the extrovert category, when im being myself. but alot of the time its hard for me to be myself. i love to talk with people and do stuff with other people, but alot of the time its hard for me to cause im so insecure about myself. its like i want the attention, but i dont want people focusing on me. thats not a really good way to explain it, but i cant really think of a better way. it seems like my insecurities are getting in the way of me being who i am. thats why im lookin for somethin to help me with that. i know changing your mindset about something like that is a lot of a mental and spiritual change, but somethin like pot might help me find my way into that change
  17. i would say dont do it. smoking to feel better is extremely bad. you need to go seek professional help to get out of this depression and low self-esteem. The only thing that can help is if you go see a professional, weed will just make it worse in the end. After you get better then you can try it but i wouldnt.

  18. Get some damn hobbies and drop the suicide thoughts/talk. It'll make your life 20X easier and better. I'm saying this because I'm trying to give good advice. I know you're not going to do it, but I'm serious. Get hobbies.

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