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  1. ok, here's the beef fools. ive been going to this site for about 3 years now, and they have always had a message board. anyways, over the years it has gone from being a metalhead message board to this insane political playground. sure that pisses me off because wtf does politics have to do with iron maiden, right? but the thing that made me post on here about it is the fact that all these people are apparently prejudice against people who use marijuana. heres on post....

    "Okay Master, you want marijuana legalized. Everyone you listen to talks like this about the situation. "Why shouldn't I be able to repsonsibly smoke marijuana in the privacy of my own home?" Simple answer, if people abuse alcohol, go driving drunk, domestic violence and whatnot, what in your right mind makes you think that these same people won't e abusing marijuana? You are always going to have these people lobbying for the legalization of new drugs. It simply cannot happen. Just like alcohol people are going to abuse marijuana. And once you legalize weed, people will be asking for the legalization of shrooms, and acid, and caffiene pills. It simply won't stop. So how do you keep the stopper on the test tube? Keep it the way it is and don't loosen it."

    these people are horrible idiots! how can they speak against something they know nothing about? this kid later states that he's never evene smoked marijuana. ok heres another totally ignorant post....

    "but pot makes you dumb, and i could sure use less of those people "

    i dunno, just had to rant about this somewhere, you guys should check this stupid shit out. the message board is on this site...

  2. lmao..I love how he throws in caffeine pills at the last second...never knew they were up there with lsd and shrooms...


    Congress has just voted to lower Skittles and M&Ms to the "soft drug" category!
  4. caffeine pills are illegal?
  5. umm...appearently so...but then how come I can go down the street to my local 7-11 and buy a pack of pure ephedra pills?...nothing like buying low quality meth at the corner market eh?
  6. i can get caffien pills at the bp..
  7. Perhaps our recourse here would be to begin posting our "philosophical" debates to that board.... minus the references to WEED of course... let them see what an intelligent bunch of people we are, and then hit them with the bomb.......



    just a thought! I am all about throwing people's generalized and pigeon holing comments in their faces, with a little "I told you so" added in!

    UNITE WEEDERS!!!!! Stand up and be counted as one of the "STUPID" people! lol

    I know that most of us here are very smart, responsible people, and we only need to fight the preconcieved notions that these people have about US!

    Love and hugs to all my weedheads!

  8. the above post was written and posted before a visit to read the garbage that is on that board..... OMMFG!!!!!

    that is the future of America???? a bunch of snivelling little brats that have no clue about what FREEDOM really is, and how our Government has abused their power to quiet the voice of different groups they deemed "dangerous" over the years????

    My guess would be that not many of the Anti's on that board have ever been shown the transcript of Nixon speaking to the Commissioner in charge of the study of Pot back in the 60's.... nor do they have any idea of how old pot is, how far back it's use dates, and are ignorant of the historical facts regarding crime and prohibition..... they are what I refere to as "hopelessly stupit".....

    As far as the RAVE act goes.... I will write my reps and senators to express my opposition to this bill.... :)

  9. yes, quite stupit indeed lol
  10. i thought the t was just for stressing the point of stupititity


    i said tity hahah.....boobs are fun
  11. LOL... you guys here in the "city" always know how to brighten my day and help me laugh!

    "STUPIT" is actually a word I heard used by a woman that could only be described as PWT (poor white trash) who stood on her porch, yelling "Hey, stupit, where's your stupit dad?"

    Needless to say, I about wet myself the first time I heard that, but it is too funny not to use to express a point.....

    I really don't like people that have preconcived notions on things that they have never experienced..... Anti's drive me batty! lol

    I love you guys!!!!!! hehehehe

    Mayor LaLa
  12. snivveling little bitches, why do people have to be so ignorant, why cant they just walk to the book store and sresearch it, its around in china for thousands of years, has a much less chance of making people violent and has over a hundred uses for medical uses
    fuck em and every body who thinks like em
  13. LOL I went to that board with the same intentions, "let's show them how truly KICK ASS we are!" and then realized, what a waste of my time.

    I wouldn't really let what those people think about marijuana phase you, not ever, not one bit. Caffiene pills may not be the healthiest for you, but they're just as legal as ice cream.

    And I agree, NuBBiN and namron_420s(Norm!) , you 2 brighten up the board with your humor like no others. LOLOLOL! and thanks for the constant giggles and laughs
  14. theres no damn blushing smiley face...i guess ill just have to settle for these two :D:smoking::D:smoking:

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