Antimatter: Save Mankind or Destroy It?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by BCVibe, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. :eek: For those of you who dont know what Antimatter is, its basically the worlds most powerful energy source. It was discovered at a research facility in Europe or CERN. It is way more powerful than Nuclear Fission, however, completely unstable. No Radiation or Pollution but anything can ignite it, even air. One Drop of Antimatter can power New York City for a day, and one gram is equivalent to a 20 kilaton nuclear bomb (the same as dropped on Hiroshima). Now if they could make this energy source safe to use do you think they would use it for the good of mankind, or the universes most deadly weapon?
  2. Sorry,'re a bit off there...antimatter is exactly the same as matter...same colour, same smell, just it's the mirror image of matter. Every piece of matter has a mirror piece of antimatter that combined would equate 0, they'd extinct each other.

    The energy you're talking about is both in matter and in antimatter (E=mc2)
  3. now if we could find a way to efficiently extract the huge ammounts of enery in matter (down to the atoms) we could power NYC for a long time. I think the H-bomb was 1-2% effective in converting the energy... just imagine if it was 99%+ efficient.
  4. there isn't even a gram of it on the planet

    humans are HORRIBLE at making it and the way it is made right now it turns out such a small amount of it

    it would probably end all life on earth because SOME asshole out there would sell it to the wrong hands
  5. creating energy often times seems to also have potential of great destruction. thank God no one really understands how to do it right yet. hopefully it'll stay that way in my lifetime.
  6. Of course the first applications of such a energy source would be millitary. I wouldn't be so worried about someone selling it as much as I would be worried about any "test runs" of a weapon using such a power source. Imagine a weapon with that kind of power being tested, that shit might knock the Earth off its axis!
  7. Cool...maybe we'd finally get soem nice weather all the way up here
  8. If it were ever to be developed into a practical energy source, obviously its first applied use would be aboard some maniac's laser satellite :(

    Let's hope James Bond can save us!
  9. It's an odd thing to consider.

    It's basically the only form of energy that would supplement interstellar space travel (if at all possible). Which would mean that it is the lifeline to the continuing existance of mankind. Our planet will eventually turn inhospitable, it's only a matter of time.

    Though, consider what we have done with our other wonderous forms of fuel. Coal, oil, nuclear, all of this we have squandered, used to kill eachother and harm our surroundings.

    I don't think we can handle it. I think we'll exploit it safely for a short time, and then we'll start to construction weapons to kill other humans, and then we'll become so confident that we're squander it and damage our surroundings. With such an incredibly powerful resource, this makes up an incredibly dangerous force in our solar system, we could soon have the resources to seriously fuck up several planets at once.
  10. Exploit what? Antimatter? As said...too complicated...why not just use matter...same shit, different wrapping
  11. You need both Einstein. (get it! E=MC2!)

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