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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by d2000, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. anyone familiar? or like atmosphere and shit. i listned to some atmosphere and aesop rock when i was trippin the other night on shrooms. was pretty cool. i downloaded some mp3's from today, i wanna def listen to it next time i trip. should be very good i think.
  2. oh man, finally, someone that understands!! been listening to aesop rocks labor days cd this last week.. love it. my favorite song is no regrets.. got a good beat and chill story. atmosphere is so cool, slugs pretty fuckin talented. lately i've been listening to the more complex underground shit, namely busdriver and the weather.. busdriver and radioinactive. lots of DJ Qbert too. he's proven himself to be the greatest dj of all time, his scratch is so fucking crazy. everyone that challenges him or he challenges his beats. there's so much more, but i'm way too stoned to think about em. but yea, underground hiphops where it's at. just met a guy who's into the same shit i am, and he smokes a lot more weed everyday than i do. so it's cool to get stoned and listen to music with him at his fucking HUGE apartment. he's always got dank herb. who else do you like?
  3. oh shit i jus saw that someoen actualy replied to my post. my bad.

    man i just recently discovered that stuff too! aesop when you're high is nuts. not too experienced with a lot of the stuff, but have you heard of buck65? my fav aesop song is daylight.

    found any other cool shit? i def wanna get more into this stuff.
  4. i just posted about this in another thread "rap while high" or something

    check out Immortal Technique. amazing.
  5. aesop rock is that nerd sometimes though. company flow are tight, ill bill, necro, non phixion, dj screw, high & mighty, ugk, cage, weathermen, juice, raekwon, gza, smiff n wessun, lots of tight shit out there

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