Antibiotics - READ THIS PLEASE

Discussion in 'General' started by diluted59, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Ok so tonight my friend comes over and before we left his house he took some anti-biotic for his ear(he didn't tell me it was anti-biotic), well he took one hit of this 20 oz. bottle water bong i made and he had a fuckin seziure!!! i was fuckin flippin out, after about 10 mins he was semi back to normal but extremely tired, nauseated, and vomitting. I was scared man I didnt wanna be callin no cops or stuff. Now he's passed out sleeping it off, for anyone who knows about this is there anything i really need to be afraid of?
  2. First of all it's generally a bad idea to let seizure prone people sleep after an episode. Second I've never heard of marijuana triggering seizures in anyone whether or not they took other drugs. I'd have to guess that it had everything to do with the antibiotics. I'd probably bring him to the hospital and hope that I didn't get in trouble. Better safe and busted than dead.

  3. well i woke him up and he threw up and went back to sleep for about an hour and just woke up and said he felt much better now hes whinin about a cramp in his leg lol. anyway things should be fine :)
  4. Sucks for that kid.

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