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  1. How come every time i see an anti-drug commercial its about marijuana. I've never once seen one about meth, crack, coke, heroin, or anything else for that matter(no offense to any users of this drug). Only all natural MJ has all these commercials. It doesn't give me too much hope for legalization in the future. Any of yall ever notice this? sorry if this is in the wrong section. Happy blazing
  2. "They" may believe that MJ is the prime gateway drug and therefore if they cut back on overall marijuana use, they'll in turn cut back on the "harder" drug use because, after all, marijuana started it.

    At least, that's what "they" might tell you.
  3. I have a theory about that actually. I think that the only reason MJ is a gateway drug is because you have to go through a dealer to get it, who often has other products he's trying to push. If it was legalized you wouldnt have to go through him,thus not be exposed to it as readily.
  4. [​IMG]

    Though the ones for marijuana are most common I've seen other anti-drug commercials as well. I've seen that anti-alcohol(more so drinking and driving though <_<) commercials are everywhere, anti-tobacco... again everywhere and occasionally you'll come across an anti-meth commercial.

    I think that about covers it though, LSD and Heroin aren't really used enough to facilitate the need for expensive commercials and I don't think there are any ecstasy commercials....
  5. i wouldnt say its a gateway drugg
    it just opens ur mind to new things
    sometimes that happens to be other mind opening drugs

    but seriously most of the people i know that do hard drugs started with herion
  6. For the same reason you don't see Rolls-Royce commercials on TV, there's too limited a demographic using those drugs or buying those cars to bother wasting money on a commercial

    Marijuana is the Toyota Camry of drugs
  7. there was an anti-steroid commercial aired during the super bowl last night (it might have been during the pregame show i'm not sure). and one time i saw an anti-prescription drugs ad. so the ad council or whoever is getting somewhere i guess...
  8. no one about to hit a rock of crack is going to have their minds changed by a commercial
  9. all drugs are gate way drugs. it just depends on what drug you did first. like for me it was tobacco---->Alc.---->MJ
  10. Also because if the television commericials portrayed other drugs as being worse than marajuana then kids would start saying, "well at least i'm not doing that drug". Although we subconsciously do that now playing video commercials will just brand this and give everybody a topic of convo.

    so Stoned...................... Fuck hw im in to college
  11. god damn i would love to have one of those above the influence t-shirts.. they are soo funny and all my friends would bust a nut laughin when i show up to a party in it... we just laugh our asses off when were tokin and those commercials come on.. its propaganda bullshit
  12. The above the influence campaign is so biased, propagated, and misinforming it isn't even funny. Its like a flashback to 1950. Their website has a whole feature about how stoners aren't humans, it tries to make a joke about them being some sort of animal to observe or something... take a look if you want to..

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