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  1. Alright so my christian (recently converted after a friend od'd and he wrecked a car while on coke, painkillers, weed, and alchohol) cousin's at my house yesterday and keeps making references to smoking weed being a sin. Now I know this isn't necessarily a mainstream christian belief, but at some point I'm going to have to have a discussion with him about weed. But what can I say besides god made it and he's not one to judge whether it's a sin?
  2. Tell him to shut the fuck up or you'll kick his ass.


    Rev. Nigel Chisselthwaite
  3. ask him have you herd of any date rapes my weed or muders that has said weed made him kill or say yes there has be car wrecks but out of over 200 hunder million only a few are realted to weed each year!till him weed is not a hard drug and is not offten a drug dialers choice ! till him the sin of greed makes people try to sell it in large amonts that is the sin of gree, not weed!and few die of weed it self if any!try the facts they aways sound the best to some one asking ?s! good luck tazz11
  4. The part about him not bein judgemental is gonna be your best angle. We are just supposed to try to accept things, let God do the judging, and pray for people when we feel it is necessary. Tell him that you are praying for God to enlighten him.
  5. Go find a telephone pole or swingset and try to convince them. Ya stand a better chance.

    Every Christian I've ever met is always so sure that they're right and everybody else is wrong.

    I try not to slight another mans religion, but I get a little frustrated with them sometimes.

    Fundamental questions are the best way to start. It's a weed, God made everything, etc. etc.

    Then get ready to have a bunch of bible quotes thrown at you.
  6. better yet! tell him your just to stoned to talk about it right now and youll get back to him on it!
  7. Just tell him that theres a right and a wrong way to use weed, and that combining it with coke, painkillers, alcohol, and a car is a perfect darwinistic example of the wrong way.
    Then, bust out a water bong, and show his ass the right way to do it!!
  8. Yeah, biblical quotes, that's what I figured.

    This guy... I never minded him cause even though he was always bullshit he was still pretty cool. Now, I still see all that rhetoric front bullshit... Only he wants to be a minister. He's been a fuck up his whole life and it's really for the best he's all religious now, but it's really annoying hearing him talk about it constantly.
    He's gonna be a fucking awesome minister though. I could see him working his brain washing game when we first started talking and he kept making references to his candy-flipping days, then slowly moved onto what it's like to burn in hell for all eternity for smoking weed. Nice, eh?

    I have a lot of christian friends but they're all cool. I have a feeling this guy's really gonna be a pain. I also have a feeling someone's gonna break his nose for putting it where it doesn't belong, y'know?
  9. ive told this little story to my yahooka friends and this sounds like a good place for it as well !i was all ways haveing the jahova witness stop at my home and it was pissing me off i worked long hrs as a pi and didnt like them wakeing me up !one day i was just about to go to work i had two 7mm under my arm pits and a 38 stub on my belt and you got it they knocked not thinking anythink about who was at the door i went and opened it and saw them and said have you fucks lost your chuch again!the two guys looked at my guns an ran ! i laugh so hard i could stop i was late for work! but the idea is every thing has its time and place and if he dosnt know that tell him !but be were he my think he can teach you that weeds a sin !tell him you liked him better when he was makeing candy!
  10. telll him to see the converse of that statement........

    Say maybe, NOT smoking weed is a sin.

    There are 2 sides to every story.

    BTW I have been a Christian all my life and I smoke herb. I have felt closer and more in touch with my God than I ever have,since I've started.
  11. I am also Anti-pot for christians or anyone else who is against pot. It leaves more for me. If any one here is against pot please send your stash to me. I would tell your friend, He has every right to be against pot or anything he wants. He just needs to realise that two people never have the same views on everything.

    Thank you,
    Bud Head
  12. you dont know how right you are! my frist wife was cathlic very cathlic! chuch twice a day! never mis it in 14 mounths! we were both batiesed by the arich bishup of the phillapinies! i started going ever day just to be with her we were maddly in love! till her death ,and still now ! but i haven step in a chuch to pray in 21 years not even to marrie my secound wife its not going to happen when i die eather! the chuch said i was wrong that it was gods well that typhoon rita killed her and she was married to me and she could not be barried in the chuch grave yard because of me! i was so made i own all the land around that chuch and they well get a chance to meet god face to face! because the only way that chuch is ever going to grow bigger is if they build stright up!my lawyers till me i could sale and make a shit laod of money and i said if you want to stay watch and learn but if you say that again your fired!my step child is being rised by her mm god prantes and they tell me the chuch has come to them for the last 15 years, every year trying to get me to sale the land to the chuch and i gave them a tape of me lol! to play for them! over my dead body there is a 10ft stone wall around the chuch and thats what they get for being fucking ass holes to my wife! diane, am i still mad ! yes!!!their frist on my list ,then a mouse ! and last is ben ladin!

  13. Hey man, the Catholics arent a very good example of your average Christian Denominations. They are a bunch of people that mis use the text. STORY: When my gf mom got divorced she was shunned from the church, she was told that she could rejoin if she "donated" money to the church and IF SHE DEOUNCED EVERY PART OF HER PreVIOUS MARRIAGE. THis included my gf and her sister. The church wanted her to disown them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw that anywhere inthe good book.......Yes lets not use the Catholics as an example of christianity. :)

  14. That sucks a big one. I don't think the good lord would be happy for that.

    Rainman- Tazz That would piss me off as well. Sounds to me like that church was playing god. I think you are doing the right thing friend.
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