Anti Gun Laws- How?

Discussion in 'General' started by ReturnFire333, Jan 26, 2014.

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    How have some state like California, Washington, Massachucets, been able to pass such outrageous gun laws? The Constitution supercedes Federal Law, how does this happen? Shall not be infringed, period.
    For anyone who says the Constitution has been thrown overboard, this is not only incorrect, but a very bad mentality to have for the preservation of our country. NDAA doesn't hold shit to the constitution.

    Not from America it seems. You Europeans are used to your individual rights being dragged on the ground in front of you.
  3. I'm pretty neutral on this issue. On one hand, my uncle builds AK-47's and has about 24 of them in his house.. don't ask.. and on the other hand, I've been to places like South Korea that have succeeded in gun restriction. You can walk around at 2 a.m., by yourself almost anywhere in that country and you will be completely safe. 
  4. I'm sorry but just because there are no guns doesn't mean you are completely safe. If someone wants to harm you and they don't have a gun then they will use a knife, or a baseball bat, or they can poison you, throw chemicals on you, even throw boiling water
    Look at prisons, here in USA anyways, guns are completely banned. They just don't exists (for the most part). So the criminal adapts to the environment and melts plastic down to make a knife and you still have people killing others....just without using a gun

    From what I have heard South Korea is a nice country. The people from there I have encountered are good people.
    Perhaps it's the person? Your uncle has a bunch of he hurting people with his weapons?
  5. I actually live in CA. I don't have a problem with it. Obviously more access and less stigma attached to getting psychological help is the way to keep guns out of the crazy's hands. However that isn't happening any time soon so I am fine with ten round clips, and other restrictions that have been made.
    I can go to the store, buy a shotgun, sniper, pistol, or rifle and have it in a week and a half. What more do you need?
  6. That's totally true, but knifing kills one person and a machine gun can butcher a whole school.
    He's just an eccentric dude who's a big advocate of the right to defend yourself so he is building one for every person in the family. It's not illegal in California to inherit guns from family members... yet.  
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    The state regulating the magazine size is an infringement on the right to bear arms. Shall not be infringed. They even have the dreaded California mag bolt, Patriots throw up at the thought.
  8. I guess I am not a patriot then because I don't throw up when the law is broken or have a nationalist attitude.
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    If the thought of an infringement upon individual rights does not make you sick, then yes, you are not a Patriot, atleast in my eyes and many other people's eyes.
  10. Been there done that, broski. You can point out all kinds of facts and figures that trump archaic anti gun logic, but gun grabbers will always find a way to avoid your questions and research. Then, they'll spout crocodile tears and shove pictures of dead children in your face. Nowadays its just easier to say that it is your RIGHT to keep and bear arms. That is all the justification you need, and all the government/police need.
  11. Evening at my house. And don't come messin' around...
  12. anti gun laws are stupid.. The logic behind them is that if certain guns/magazines/ammunition are made illegal then it will take them off the streets.  That logic has worked really well with drugs in the past.. oh wait
  13. Seriously America. You are the only country that seems to be obsessed with carrying a gun everywhere with you. From the outside looking in, it does not seem to be working for you. I guess I have different things in life I value. Like living everyday and feeling safe. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. Are you f'ing serious he's pissed that they can only put ten bullets in their handguns. You must be the "spray and pray" type of shooter. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    where in the constitution does it say you have the right to large magazines?
    i went to texas and wanted to buy weaponized uranium, and they said im not allowed to have it. ISN'T THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
  16. [quote name="Macka B" post="19408746" timestamp="1390725650"]I guess I am not a patriot then because I don't throw up when the law is broken or have a nationalist attitude.[/quote]Hold up hold up... he's not a nationalist. I love my guns but i need them to go to washington, d.c. and overthrow a despot when shit gets real. This man is a 'constitutionalist'. sent from underneath my balls
  17. Also this kind of talk isn't allowed here on GC. not that i agree but it's the rules and dont wanna see anyone banned.sent from underneath my balls
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    Laws like locks are only made to keep honest men honest. We have enough laws, stop turning law abiding citizens into criminals. Maybe we should make pot illegal too... After all, some people think it is a threat to their safety. Should we not acquiesce to their their cries for salvation from the scourge of this demon weed? Hypocrisy presents itself in many forms. Personal responsibility is just that. And the second amendment is there to protect the people from tyranny. For all other Nations that want to chime in, I ask you. Do you trust the United States Government? We don't either.... But we don't trust yours either. I'd rather deal with the problems of too much liberty than not enough.
    Honestly, if the bleeding hearts would stop trying to save everybody and let Darwinism work... It would work itself out. Nut cases will always find a way. Hitler killed 6 million humans, and the only shot he fired was into his own skull.
    Stop blaming instruments for the short comings of man. Like Gandhi said " be the change you wish to see". If you don't want to see anger and violence then start by treating everyone with the dignity and respect you would want. And for the people who obviously can't function in society... Don't cry when we lock them away.
  19. Glad I live in TN we need our guns out here, the stats dont show it because most crimes in the streets go unreported but this jack boy culture out here is ridiculous so many people robbing and getting robbed at all levels... I dont got the heart of a killer but if threatened with unnessassary force il shoot you before you take whats mines and shoot me anyways to avoil retaliation or risk of getting caught

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