Anti gun California idiot Kevin DeLeon makes an ignorant ass of himself

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. If you can't stand the whole 21 min of lies and propaganda just watch his finest moment between 5:30-6:30. It is amazing the bullshit some people will spew out of complete ignorance as if it were fact.
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  2. So i know next to nothing about guns, but i now want a high powered automatic sniper ghost gun that is apparently very easy to make in my garage and can legally be purchased online.

    I didnt watch the entire thing, what exactly was he trying to accomplish with this speech?
  3. Fear mongering and appeal to emotion to gain support for his moronic legislation that he is trying to pass and furthering of his authoritarian agenda.
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  4. but whats he trying to stop? Sale of parts or something?
  5. Sale and manufacture of guns and components that do not have serial numbers and can not be tracked and registered with the government and plastic, 3d printed guns. Basically a bunch of laws that only effect law abiding gun owners while doing nothing at all to stop real criminals that will ignore these unenforceable and unconstitutional laws anyway.
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    Without watching it I'm going to guess it is about 3-d printed parts.
     Which is complete bullshit. Anyone who would be using the machine would also have access to the tools necessary to mill the parts out of steel.
     And it is just bullshit across the board and a waste of time. There are laws on the books already about who can make parts, or complete guns. With a quick Google search you could run down to your local hardware store and pick up the pieces to make a single fire, fast reloading and fairly accurate "zip gun". To think that a 3-D printed piece of plastic could hold up to the extreme pressures and repeated shocks from the weapon's cycling really shows the ignorance of some people, and the carelessness with which they are pushing this retarded ass agenda.
  7. How anybody thinks they can possibly control 3d printing is beyond me.

    Although anybody that would actually want to use a printed gun is equally crazy
  8. I saw a video with some printed AR lowers that were working pretty well in testing.
    I don't know how long they last though.

    Others just failed beyond repair.

    My guess is that it comes down to the compound being used. But idk
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    he wants a foothold into the dark room of banned guns for all civilians...
  10. I just can't get over the idea of a 30 cal ghost gun that fires 3,600 rounds per minute and is legally bought online. I got to get me one of those.
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    What I find hilarious is that pretty much all these loony toons have accomplished at least on the national stage is advertise for gun manufacturers. Gun sales have never been higher. There are more gun background checks by far going on then there are people signing up for obamacare its just the market speaking for the people no matter what these BS polls they run the truth comes out in the market.. 
    Also the manufacturer should advertise their gun as the ghost gun as seen on CNN. 
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  13. This is ridiculous. A man that knows nothing about firearms, trying to ban firearms. Because they're "bad". Bad people do bad things. Don't blame the tool or weapon. I look at it like this. If a man walks into a store and shoots two people, anti gun lobbyists blame guns and call for gun control. Let's say someone walks into a store and stabs two people with a chefs knife. No one blames the knife. No one calls to ban knives. I don't understand anti gun people.
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    The only part he has right is that you can buy an unfinished reciever online and manufacture a firearm in your home. It isn't illegal though, even in California.
    Seriously. If such a gun existed, I'd want one too.
    And I love how he's against this, but goes on video and describes how to do it. Can you imagine a politician telling people how to cook crack? lol
  15. Hahaha, yeah, he keeps going back to that jig and how easy it is to make these weapons of murder and mayhem with a simple drill press. Well that is also a load of shit since what he was describing would require a cnc machine and actual machining skills which are prohibitively expensive and a skilled trade. Then he shows one finished and polished receiver and then one that had been painted black as the final product. Everyone knows painting a gun black instantly makes it a murder weapon waiting to kill someone all on its own.
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    Thats racist, stop profiling black guns.
    BTW, it almost always seems like the people on the anti-gun side, are the most uneducated on guns.
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  17. Ill never understand gun control advocates logic.

    Less guns in circulation means MORE random school/mall shootings. And less chance of survival in said shootings.

    Also it paves the way for big government takeover.

    People like to forget history. America is already starting to resemble hitler's germany

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  18. Unfortunately that is true and blatantly obvious to everyone but them. They run on emotion, fear and knee jerk ignorance while actively avoiding logic and truth.
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  19. Great gun building class. 30 magazine clip what a joke.
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    Edit to change... I couldn't resist, thats a real billboard!

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