Anti-Gay Marriage thread, not a bash thread

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  1. im just wondering if there are any rational people here that are against gay marriage?

  2. I dont see whats the point of being against it, if they want to marry in the eyes of the law how does it effect anyone but themselves? Its not like every priest would allow it to happen in there church anyways so its not like every church would have gay people lining up to get married.
  3. Almost all the arguments against Gay marriage are some sort of fallacy. The main one being the "slippery slope". "If we let gay ppl get married then whats to stop ppl from marrying cows or dogs?"
  4. And if it's about the "sanctity of marriage" as many social conservatives like to say, then those people should also be against allowing straight couples to divorce.

    Isn't divorce an affront to God? Didn't you promise to him, in his house of worship, before friends and family, that "til death do you part"? Doesn't divorce mean breaking a promise to God - or at least your friends and family and each other?

    But no, social conservatives don't care so much about that, not enough to propose a Constitutional Amendment banning divorce. But every now and then they talk about a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage (or defining marriage as man+woman).
  5. Why does ANYONE actually care who anyone else falls in love with and chooses to spend their life with?

    How does two gay people who love each other and want to express that love in a formal manner affect your life whatsoever?

    That's the questions that I ask to anti-gay marriage folks.

    I haven't heard one actual intelligent response yet.
  6. Can a dog or a cow say "I do" and KNOW what they are ageeing to? A marriage is an agreement between two sentient beings.
  7. I don't find myself opposed to giving gays couples the same rights as those who are married. But I think the argument on behalf of gays should consist of getting equal protections under the law, by means of civil unions. If they dropped the word 'marriage' and simply went after their rights, I think they the gay movement would have already achieved victory.

    On one side there are hyper Christians who inflame the argument by calling gay people 'beasts' and other sub-human being references. On the other are the hyper-active gay people who want nothing more than to piss off traditional religious people, by getting married and kissing each other in a Catholic church. Some days I think both sides of the argument are childish.

    If marriage was left to the church or spiritual establishment, government was not in the business of marriage, there wasn't a welfare state and a 10ft stack high, pile of paper called a tax code, gay marriage would most likely be a non-issue. People could call themselves whatever they wish. Couples, who are partners, no matter their sex should have equal rights, but by the very implementation of government policies, we create all of the complex problems associated with the 'gay marriage' issue.
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    No, as there has not yet been a rational reason put forth for an opposition to gay marriage.

    Isn't it funny that such a large number of gay marriage opponents tend to get caught going gay things? Just yesterday, the story came out about anti-gay marriage Indiana Rep. Phillip Hinkle's fruitless quest to pay for gay sex on Craigslist.

  9. I honestly am against it. I have absolutely no problem with gays, but marriage is different. I dint think they should get married. Thats just my opinion though.
  10. lol like marriage between a man and a woman is sacred...... highest divorce rate ever and we want to bitch about two men who want to get married.
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    What's your reasoning, if you don't mind me asking? If you have no problem with gay people, wouldn't you want them to have the same rights as yourself? There are a lot of financial benefits that come with marriage...why should liking someone with the same genitalia as yourself disqualify you from that?
  12. I haven't heard a single rational argument against it.
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    Well in my opinion that's a dumb opinion. Just my opinion though.
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    no doubt, gays are gays. they are frowned apon in society. Fact. & you are wack. another fact

    Please don't resort to disrespect or name calling to make your point. Be respectful of other people's beliefs even if you don't agree with them.
  15. I know, right! A fucking animal can't consent to being shagged by a human. It's rape every time!
  16. First off, why is marriage revolved so much around church??
    Second, why not let gays get married. Whats so wrong with it??
    Third, why do we have to puit them into a whole nother class when they get married. Why are they called gay marragies and not just marragies??
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    Please, explain why your homophobic tendencies should have any bearing on their legal rights.
  18. "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." - 14th Amendment to US Constitution, c.1868

    Maybe if the left read the Constitution they could make a cogent argument?
  19. I just think gays should be allowed get married because i like the idea of freedom. dunno about you guys.

  20. gays cant get married because its just my opinion, is my opinion because it is generally other peoples opinion so is my opinion because of thus

    so yeah is there any reasonable people that are against gay marriage?

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