Anti Ganja Commercials

Discussion in 'General' started by MaDD Hatter, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. is it just me, or whenever you see these do you just wanna go get stoned.
    i guess they arnt working very well:smoke:
  2. I find them offensive.
  3. Look at cigarette commercials, they talk about how they kill oh so many people. Look at any anti weed commercials, no facts except, you forgot you little sister, or you're just lazy. Anti weed commercials are simply stereotypical propaganda. But funny as hell.
  4. Man, those anti-drinking adds are JUST over the top...

    All this.. "You cant stay in your lane" and "You just killed a father of 2" or "You just beat your wife over dinner"
  5. They kinda piss me off because I know alot of people who actually base their opinions off stupid anti-drug propaganda.
  6. I laugh at them. They stone me with stupidity.
  7. I hate the one when that girl is deflated! WTF! Bitch i been smokin for awhile and im still inflated LOL
  8. Me too because you just know everything they are saying is complete bullshit.
  9. i think most people know they are bullshit even if they dont smoke weed or at least the people i talk to.
    i just think its funny that the commercails make everyone who smokes weed want to smoke a bowl when they see it

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