Anti-Drug Commercial!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Haha, omg, me and my buddy were sittin here watchin UFC, Chewed out of our minds haha, and this commercial comes on, this kid has his hand in his mouth and he's mumbling, and there's this chick in the room saying what the kid's mumbling. she's like 'I was forced to smoke pot' *Mummble* 'They made me stick my hand in my mouth too' or some shit like that, haha fucking howls tho ha!

  2. what? you never had kids convince you to put your fist in your mouth in highschool?

    you're fucking weird, buddy.
  3. HA! Wtf haha, NO it was a commercial, this kids sittin in a chair with his hand stuck in his mouth hah.
  4. i have a love/hate thing goin on with those, why don't they show like a guy smoke a bowl and than paint sumthin beautiful, or like take a fat bong rip and than dominate super mario world
  5. oh my god i just saw that commercial. I was laughing so hard and i was watching tv with my parents, my dad thought it was hilarious too.
  6. Haha, its awesome, OH the irony lol.

    Sittin baked watchin and anti pot commercial ha!:smoking:
  7. Haha, yeah I saw it too. What a silly commercial.
  8. someone needs to post a link to this its sounds funny
  9. yeah but the only thing those really have that makes sense is to not give in to peer pressure... its not like he shoved his fist in his mouth because of weed... thats what pisses me off. they dont make any fucking sense
  10. if anything, that comercial makes me wanna shove my fist in my mouth to see if it fits
  11. Haha...mine doesn't.:(
  12. :laughing: :laughing:

    That made my morning.

  13. what he said, i hate them and its old

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