Anti Depressants

Discussion in 'General' started by "Deuce", Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Im gettin some anti deps tomorrow for my depression. What do they do. Do they make you happy and thats it? Do u get high off them or what? any feedback appreiciated.
  2. It takes about 6 weeks to work...

    But how i felt when I was on anti-depressents and the reason I quit, is because I felt like a robot. I felt like I had no emotion, I was just stuck in life with no feeling. And that didnt work for me because I live for emotion. Emotion is what makes life for me. I love movies with deep emotion, songs, etc. Hell, I hate soccer, but the only reason I watch the World Cup right now is because the emotion behind the fans and players is amazing. And when these pills took those feelings away from me, I stopped taking them.

    On most anti-depressents, the side affects can be killer (negative conotation). So watch out for those.
  3. there mono anime oxidizers which means you cant eat cheese or drink wine while on them, because the mono anime oxizers wont allow your body to break down the cheese and shit and if you do eat cheese you will have fast heart rate or have a stroke, and possibly a heart attack so steer clear of cheese and cheese, but your doctor will tell you what you cant eat and shit, but yeah you'll turn into a robot man,

    they put my mom on them after a long stay in the hospital and she was like stoned, best way to describe, they put her on zolofts and she was like the nicest person ever, like she was rolling now stop, so be prepared to feel weird, i would smoke weed personally, cause least weed is natural and you cant die from eating cheese
  4. haha, do you get high off of them.......... No, you will not get high.

    They work by correcting a chemical imbalance in your brain. There are a few types of antidepressants, such as SSRI, Tricyclics (these are old ones like Prozac), and the new ones are Multiple SSRI. I was on effexor and zoloft (not at the same time) I started on the effexor-it didn't do much, and when you stop taking it you get these electric shock feeling's throughout your body for a few days. I switched to the zoloft and that just didn't work so I stopped taking it, and that's actually when I started smoking pot and I haven't had a problem ever since.

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