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Answer this for me!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by uhmmyea, May 26, 2010.

  1. people say they are. and people say it makes a man sterile.

    ive looked and looked and never came back with anything that states that smoking seeds is bad or will ever make you sterile.

    so really. is smoking seeds bad for you at all?

    post your sources also.
  2. No, it's just comparable to smoking some dirt schwag. Not worth it unless it's out of desperation.
  3. seeds don't contain thc, or at east not an amount where you could get high, they are hard to smoke too because the pop and shoot sparks out for a few seconds. I don't smoke seeds btw, the reason I know that is because one time I was smoking a joint that there was a seed in.
  4. Dude, we can try and answer this for you, but to be completely honest, what sources are we possibly going to find that are going to show us the negative impact of smoking a little, or a whole lot...of seeds?

    I mean seriously, that's like trying to find a study on the impact of eating tree bark off a banana tree. Needless to say, it's not the bark(or the seeds) that we're after here...:smoke:

    If you're that worried about it, then just stop smoking the seeds. I'm almost 100% positive that the random seed in a bowl or J isn't going to suddenly make you sterile.
  5. Well smoking MJ in general has been shown to temporarily reduce your sperm count. I dont think it makes you sterile. I dont think a study has ever been performed on smoking seeds.
  6. smoking a seed will TEMPORARILY render you sterile. just like sitting in a superhot hot tub

    it's a social faux pas too, cause burning seeds smell and taste awful, and may shoot out and start a fire lol
  7. in my experience, i have never once gotten even a buzz from smoking seeds. stems get you feelin a little good but there is nothin like a fat bowlpack of chronic. furthermore, seeds take a lot of energy to light because the shell is harder. once they light, they can get very very hot and i burnt my tongue bad on one that slipped down into the bowl.

    in conclusion, dont smoke seeds
  8. i never said that they do contain thc. but im just saying. is it worth seperating? i never seperate the seeds from the bud. i just smoke it all. and only one time a seed has ever popped. and it wasnt a big deal.

    i was just curious if there were any negitives about smoking it. (psychially) <--cant spell)
  9. They won't hurt you but if your weed is seedy, it will be a lot more pleasant to smoke if you clean them out first.
  10. Most of the weed I buy doesnt have seeds...

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