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Another Year Gone By

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. HIGH All,

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  2. OMG! you brotha just made my day..totally
    i dont even know what to say...cept thanks.
    thanks for the smile. a huge hug to you and your lady.
  3. and i totally love froggies that do street art
  4. Well let em add my happy birthday congrats to you as well. Are you admitting to being thirty this time or are you still hanging on to 29?

    And there are several OFFFs who will be more than happy to return the favor to the ass you live with!
  5. im still hanging in pretty well for the ripe old age of......31! its just that i LOOK 29 hehe
  6. Happy B-Day honey.

    We here at the city loves ya honey.

    If the ass doesn't change.. You know what to do!!

    Loves, hugs, and kisses,

  7. happy birthday :D

    :does no real reason 'cept to make a fool of himself dance::
  8. High Highawatha...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    Hmmm...I am not happy about the parts that you will soon edit. :( I'd like to have a round at the ass, too.

    We love you, Higha!!!!!
  9. happy birthday highawatha!!! i hope it was a good day for you today ;)
  10. But I'll try anyway.


    Forgot about the smiley limit.[compliments of critter ][​IMG]
    Hope you have a good 'un. And remain well preserved. And only senile in a cute sort of way. And may you never have to check your drawers after you sneeze. And may your eyesight deteriorate just e'nuff to make the worlds' ugliness seem not so ugly after all.

    Think about ya from time to time.

    Hope you's stayin fat and sassy thru the long winter.

    I can't believe I just said that.

    What I meant was I hope you's stayin sassy thru the winter months as I'm sure you are!

    Happy Birthday Babe!
  11. HIGH All, don't know what just happened...but I can take a pretty good guess.

    HIGHa hope your doing ok.
  12. Think about ya from time to time.

    bet everytime you go to the county,county fair! :D
    or a toll booth, and everytime jeff wins, and and...


  13. Let me try to remember, us elephants are good at that.

    Cowboy wearing sneakers at the fair

    Flashing titties at the toll booth

    Jeff Gordon wins everything, that is except his latest divorce agreement.! :D $25 million I think is what it will cost him, maybe.
  14. very close, not bad....the cowboy at the county,county fair was a trip but my main complain was that i was overdressed, wearing a bra an all.
    yes on the toll-booth cept it was 'boobs ;) and dont forget it was an ACCIDENT!
    aaah whats 25 mill to gordie? he'll make that up next year with a new commercial.

  15. Freud says there are no such things as accidents, just unconscious wants and desires acted upon!

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