Another Weed Movie *NEW

Discussion in 'Movies' started by toke, May 20, 2010.

  1. anyone else seen the trailer to this, its called highschool its with that guy from king kong with the big nose, adrien brody i think. looks straight to me comes out in the fall i think, enjoy. High School Movie Trailer - AZ Movies
  2. I didn't get a single thing from that trailer.
  3. All I got from that trailer was that Rorschach from Watchmen apparently deals weed.
  4. READ THE synapsis on the side guys lol.... btw looks a bit cheesy but sounds like a good stoner movie lol
  5. Ok, to put it another way, that trailer didn't make me want to go see that movie at all.
  6. haha that's the dude from the at&t rollover commercials...

    the first guy they show lol, only thing that cauhght my attention...
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    Looks good.

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