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Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. well things are lookin up. the hubs and i are doin alright. i've been kinda up and down lately and not around if u have'nt noticed and i had a teaspoon of whoopazz! lol. i'm high and happy. you guys are really just awesome! it really did help me out just venting and all the support you gave. i'm sending all good karma to ya!

    u cant always get what u want, but if u try sometime, u get what u need- that's my advice! luvin the stones !!

    thnx guys......daisey!
  2. I woke up today feeling pretty good about things despite a crappy day (yesterday). I think that bonus karma I'm getting from your direction is helping :)
  3. That is great daisey. Sounds like things are looking up for you. i hope everything works out and you can enjoy the precious life that we have so ;little of.

    I like that song too. One of my favorites!
  4. I'm glad to hear things are going better for you. Its about time!!!!! But positive karma from positive open-minded people always helps!!! I'll continue to send you tons of good karma!!!!!!!!!
  5. things seem to be looking up all arround !!!!

    glad to here its geting better for you all as well!!!
  6. YAY for Daisy!!!

    I'm glad things are better!!!
  7. lol right on! good to hear! thnx e1!
  8. HIGH All, hope things just keep getting better daiseyduked. We'll All thinking of you.

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