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  1. Ok so this time, my younger brother and our mutual lifelong friend 'J', took acid at like 1:30AM. I had to work about 8 hours from then so I went to sleep. At around 9 AM my brother wakes me up, HELP HELP I NEED YOU IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!

    I already know what's going on. I dunno if anyone remembers the story I told about a friend I had that had a seizure when we all took X. Same friend.

    I hear fucking dishes flying in the kitchen and I turn the corner and he's on the ground the dish rack full of dishes along with him. He's spazzin' really bad so I pick him up and carry him to the bathtub like last time. I run the cold water and he responds like last time. Then like last time he starts to lose color. My brother picks up his cell phone and dials 911, but he has Cricket and their 911 is like fucked up or some shit. So like last time I decided to give him a couple slaps and see what happens. I give him a few and keep screaming for him to breath and the last slap I gave him he started sucking air... all a horrible deja vu from the ex incident.

    After it's all over he is really out of it for a bit. We keep him awake asking him questions like his last name and his age and the president... around 15 minutes later he was back to normal. He was playing Battlefield 2 and he said after a while it was like... too much to handle so he stood up and he felt really weird and he could tell it was happening again so he tried to get my brothers attention but it was too late and then he blacks out until we have him on our couch soaking wet.

    Shit man. What an alarm clock.
  2. i know that kid might not want to hear it but maybe he shouldn't be doing drugs if they make him seizure.

    EDIT: oh yah and awsome job in keeping cool and handling that shit man!
  3. Wow what a buzz kill for your brother. Good job handling it though.
  4. crazy story, idk about getting twisted w/ that duke anymore. he sounds like a high kill, in every sense of the word
  5. tell him to stick to herb and/or get on anti seizure meds
  6. Way back in high school a girl om my bus was having a seizure and the bus driver refused to pull over, so i threw my backpack at him. That got him to spot, he then kicked me off the bus. He got fired that day.
  7. Man, I can only imagine how your brother must've been feeling.

    If I was tripping hard on some LSD and that happened to my friend, my head would be pretty fucked up.

    How big were the doses?
  8. thats too bad,,,,:cool:
  9. why would you put a smiley face after a comment like that? I thought you ignored me.

    straight up un-called for.

    anyway, the drugs didn't make him seizure. When he had a seizure of the x, he was staring at a strobe light for like 10 minutes straight. This time he was playing a very visually and audibly stimulating computer game. I think both times it was sensory overload. This guy grew up with us and is basically a brother. I wouldn't ditch him just cuz he had a seizure at my place. That's fucked up. He felt bad afterwards and kept thanking me and shit I was like, what do you expect me to do let you just die?

    Interestingly enough, he said he had enough of hard drugs and he only wants to smoke weed from now on.
  10. You need to stop taking drugs with that kid, something is wrong and he shouldn't be using hard drugs imo.

    edit : Didn't read your last post. So he thinks it was something besides the drugs? Does he have seizures when he is not under the influence? He needs to take himself to the doctor.
  11. Yeha at first I was thinking that guy shoudlnt take drugs anymmroe but then I read the post, OP glad you helpded out your friend, and I hope he takes a break form the hard stuff ofr a while and maybe gets checked out by a doctor.
  12. he actually has cancer so she goes to the doctor a lot. I know hard to beleive. I've been telling him to take it easy and I think after this it sunk in. He ain't drank, or anything else besides weed since this last time. Plus he heard some really good news his cancer is in remission and all that good shit.

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