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Discussion in 'General' started by adrianInvalid, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. so i've never really been good with relationships, can't seem to hold things together much more than a week.. my problem is communication. not that i dont have anything to say i just dont know what to say most of the time and i just cant think of what to say in conversations, im a pretty quiet person.

    anyways, i recently met a girl weve been goin out about a month which is good for me, but whenever we talk i always feel like ive got nothin to say and i think shes gonna get bored of me even though she says she doesnt mind much. we just talked the other day and she said she wants more out of this relationship and it scares me cause.. well.. pretty much this is all we do, we chill when we arent working, go out sometimes, talk about things, usually just goof off and have fun when we chill.. and of course the sex an all that.. having little experience with relationships i thought this was good, i mean she makes me happy and i always have a good time when we chill, but she says that there isnt really much to us.. and that she wants more out of this relationship but she doesn't know what..

    can you guys help me out, i mean what else do you guys do with your girls other than that.. is there something im missing?
  2. man.. lately everybody been comin at me for advise,lol my friend is in tha same thing you in my friend.. ight look just LET HER TALK you'll know i mean girls REALLY JUST WANT YOU TO "LISTEN" To THEM.. well if she blaze's.. then there ya go trust me ya'll start talkin PROLLY FEEL BETTER WHILE HIGH so..
  3. If you have something really special you really shouldn't need to do much at all. My guess is that you guys don't have enough of that "really special" to make that work. Doing less makes you come to decisions quicker on if you and that person click and have something worth keeping.

    Or she could be venting and wanting a 3-some.. whatever.

  4. ROFLMFAO!! Could be...! :D

    Find something for the both of you to do that you don't do with everyone else, something you'll both enjoy, doesn't cost much (if anything), something that'll put a smile on her face. I don't know what that may be since I don't know you at all, but I'm talking about something like... uh, miniature golf, dancing, flying kites, volunteering time at the geriatric ward of the hospital, dumpster diving for treasure, spending Mondays in the park blowing bubbles... ANYTHING as long as you can do it together and enjoy it together.... like a 3-some! :D
  5. haha yea, just pray its the threesome deal.

  6. ..a FFM 3some.. ...

    DP isnt my idea of fun

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