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Another Question!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ToKen SouLjaH, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Is it true that a black light would help your plants grow different color hairs? is it just as good as a reg. light?

    i have a small closet, would it do any good to cover the walls with something to reflect heat back onto the plant? like aluminulm foil?

    Any good tips for growing a fire azz male plant?

    Think you could help?

  2. No none of that is true it is just a superstition it is all a bunch ashit
  3. Black lights are a NONO.

    Alluminum foil works, but make sure the dull side is out, mylar is also a good reflector.

    Male plants pale in comparison to a female plant, you should point your priorities towards growing a female plant! :)

  4. its not heat u want its light. forget foil, paint the walls white.

    males r next to worthless. your prob gonna spend more growing it than u wud pay to buy leaf, and leaf is all ur gonna get!
  5. lol u just beat me to that stylez.

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