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  1. Last year i attempted my first grow several times with very little success, the reason for this would be due to cows. Every time i would germinate a few sprouts i would transplant them to different areas of choice in my wooded areas my local farmer's cows would stumble upon them an munch away at my hard work and preperation. I eventually cuaght a slight break but was a little late in the season -very late actually- an got almost no yeild :mad:.This season i am not not planting directly in the ground, instead im using 5 gallon buckets, as some of you may know, but i highly doubt this will effect my cow problem in any way ;Infact it may make it even more inviting as a meal to them.

    My question to all of you is how would i go by stopping an 800 pound eating machine? I will try the fishing string method, but im sure that if the cow or cows really have a mind set some 60 lb. test monofilament fishing sting wont do much bet give them a tickle... I have also put a bit of thought into this but can't seem to find a reasonable solution -that is a solution that doesnt involve killing the cow, which may even pose a bigger problem in the future- to solving my big problem. Any advice what so ever would be greatly appreciated.
  2. put human hair in a circle around the plants and also get some bug killer spray thats safe for plants and spray in a circle around the plant about 2 feet around the plant the cows will smell it and not want to eat the grass/plant around it also try a bar of Irish spring soap next to your crop that should keep them away or put the soap in shavings and make a border. Should solve your problem
  3. thanks alot bro, ill try these.
  4. Electric fence.
  5. hahaha, yea like im not already on a budget as it is. besides someone would defenetly see that thing.
  6. Mothballs are good, animals hate that smell. Plus they you dont have to replace them as often as fluids. If you want to make sure they dont come back, kill the biggest one of em and leave it on a spike and let em know you mean business.
  7. I tryed that with the surrounding farmers who own the land an that only brought cops... no, but really if i had a dead animal lying around the farmers would come looking for it eventually and id have to deal with a rotting, pungent smell.

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