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another parent thing...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. all this has good logic behind it, but it will appear scrambled to you since i ma buzzing pretty hard about now

    ok, my mother suffers from chronic pain, she has some strange intestinal thing where her colon is just one big twisted knot and many other assorted things, i wont bore you about that, but she is in pain all the time...ok, she is an older type lady, and she told/tells me stories of being a hippie and having boyfriends with VW vans (i ahve seen pictures, and lemmie tell ya, its strange seeing your mother like that), and one day i was kinda stoned listening to jimi hendrix's star spangled banner that he played at woodstock on the computer and she walked by and gave me kinda a look and said "is that hendrix?" and i replied "yeah, he is awsome" and she said "i know, i was there when he played that" so i nodded thoughtfully on the outside while my THC infested brain went WOW!!OH MY GOD!! THATS AWSOME!!..anyway, where was i going with this? uhm...yeah..i am putting reasons why i think/know she did drugs when she was my age...and whenever i ask her is she smoked pot she always says "i'm not ready to talk about it", and i told her i ahve tried it, and she got pretty upset and asked questions like "why did you do it?" and "what did you like about it?" blah blah...ok, so i get high in my room almost every night while she is passed out on pain pills in the living room, and i burn my incense, and light candles and use my air it dosent smell like weed, but it smells very very strongly, and i think she is beginning to expect, but anyway, i always have the BIGGEST urge when she is complaining about the pain to just saunter into my room, get my bong and weed and fix everything up and just set it down on the coffe table in front of her and just say "you know what to do"..i dunno...somebody give me advice, please, and if you ahve read all the way down here, thank you very much...

    PS- this is what part fo the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated

    PS x 2- i know this probly should have gone on namron's post, but oh well...
  2. What you imagine doin' would be too cool but if I were your mom it would still give me a heart attack!! Your mom sounds pretty cool and probly realizes what time it is........just be patient with her -- it's hard when you guys grow up!!

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