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  1. :( Hey GC. As most of the blades on this thread, I have been smoking marijuana for years, and Love it with a passion. it was until just recently i was arrested for possession and my mom had to bail me out of jail, of course with a face full of tears. Now ive gone on smoking for quite a while with minimum detection from my mom, who i live with. Its not like i can just move out and whatever. I need to Live with her, because fankly shes lonely, and i rely on her to support me, as in the roof over my head and food on the table.

    Now my mother is Anti- marijuana, and she thinks its horrible, she thinks it brings on no good, and turns people into unmotivated losers, and crackheads. she forbids me to smoke marijuana or else she'l kick me out. My mother was raised under the Reagon administration.. so of course.. she wont listen to the facts. she'll just tell me that im lying and thats what weed makes you beleive. i know for sure she wont sit threw the Union. If i present her with hard facts shes disregards them.

    I mean what can i do? anybody who had a similar experience convince their mom to accept marijuana? All i really want her to do is accept me, and the decisions i make.. my mother is the most influential person in my life as she took up for my fathers slack.. and it hurts me to go behind her back like i have been. So Gc.. any words of advice? im not ready to give up my lifestyle in no way. but i cant break my mothers heart anymore.. what to do? thanks for any help in advance. :eek:
  2. and yes, im 18.
  3. I'll answer you since no-one else will.

    You have to be persistent. Marijuana is used for medicine in 13 states.

    Use famous people. Barack Obama is our president and he smoked weed frequently.

    If she won't listen to the facts. Tell her to go look on her own type marijuana on google. the first sites that come up our pro-marijuana sites. not anti sites.

    I hope this helps. she needs to see it for herself.

    She won't take your word but if she cares enough she'll learn on her own.
  4. Wow, I never thought about using Barack Obama like that. Thanks man +rep to you sir. Any other good advice out there?
  5. I have some advice, but you're not gonna like it.

    Her house, her rules.

    It sucks but it's true. You said she supports you-- she is entitled to set her own rules as to what's acceptable in her own home.
  6. I'll take that into concideration.. *cough*
    naw but really, i have to much fun with my friends to stop smoking.
  7. Okay, what Tommytruelove said is a good idea. Using Obama, I mean. However, in your case, I think it could hurt your cause more than help.

    You said she was raised in the Reagan Admin? Your mom doesn't sound very Liberal, despite what era she lived in.

    This is what I see in your future:

    You: Mom, come on. Barack Obama is our PRESIDENT, and he smoked weed before!

    Your Mom: Of course he did! The socialist, bleeding heart liberal! Do you think Reagan smoked POT?! No way, sir, and we need another President like him!

    You: Fuck...
  8. you should get a job and move out maybe! :rolleyes:
  9. Damnit, dude. I hate to see another smoker getting arrested.

    But, as far as the mom situation goes, if you absolutely *cannot* not smoke, just don't smoke in her house(respect her rules) and don't get caught. And be prepared to move out if you do.
  10. you had to know someone was going to say it....
  11. lol sorry but thats what i would do in this situation, even though it wouldnt be as easy as me just saying to do it.
  12. Did you read the OP, he said he couldn't move out....
  13. shit that part just got lost in my mind. sorry mate.
  14. just keep presenting the facts, make flyers with them and put them all over your house, newspapers, kitchen, cars, refrigerators, cereal boxes everything. eventually shell either start reading them or get very very annoyed

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